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1983 Mercruiser Outdrive/Sterndrive - Alpha Gen I

Ebay Listing For Outdrive

I recently purchased a beautiful 1983 Grady White 20' 205 Gulfstream that had been repowered in 1997 with a new Mercruiser 4.3L-XL which was mated to the original outdrive. I am having the original outdrive replaced with a new Mercruiser Alpha Gen I. Detailed pics follow - why I didn't take more of the left hand side I don't know, no reason. I can ship by UPS ground for $100 - more for faster services. As you can see - no reserve, $1 start, I just want to sell it. Oddly, I can think of no use around the house for a spare outdrive.

Details On The Outdrive

The Condition

This outrdrive was tested at Tri-State Marine two weeks ago. They had it in the wet tank and it ran fine, shifted fine, etc. I do not warrant this to be the case in the future. The prior owner used the boat with this outdrive as-is, but he let me know it should be repaired or replaced, so I had it checked out. He was an incredibly meticulous boat owner, to the point of describing in a written journal the number of ounces of fluid that was used during maintenance. As for the outdrive, I am informed it was repaired and serviced as needed at a Mercruiser dealer during its life. This season, the prior owner changed the oil out after every use once it developed a leak. The boat has always been trailered. I bought the boat three weeks ago.

Tri-State said it could be fixed with new gears, seals, etc. I never got any hard estimate in writing from Tri-State since I got a great deal on the boat I splurged on a new one. Both Tri-State and the old owner say it works fine, but this is not something I would throw on a boat without fixing (nor would either of them). Or use it for parts. The foot of the outdrive has two cracks that have been heliarck weldedin 2000 and 2003- tri-state did not consider an issue, but you may. I found it hard to tell what they were, but I think you see the one in the right hand side picture - but then they all looked like seems to me - I know very little about welding.

No prop, no transom plates, trim stuff, etc. I need it.

Maintenance History

In addition to proper winterizing/spring tuneup, here is the recent service history on the outdrive:

2000 - Tri-State Marine replaced seawater pickup pump, yoke, intermediate shift cable and all seals and bellows in outdrive.

2001 - Heliarcked crack in foot of outdrive.

2003 - Heliarcked 2nd crack in foot of outdrive. Replaced seawater pickup pump.

After this the prior owner noticed some seepage early in 2005, so he just drained and refilled the outdrive after each use (not very often).

I also have the prior owners collected materials on this specific outdrive - what appears to be three seperate service manuals (Clymer and two others). Some have his notes of part numbers, highlighting, etc. Like I said, meticulous barely begins to describe this guy. Great, great guy to buy a boat from.

The Engine

It is mated to a 1996 Mercruiser 4.3L-XL, so that should make 1.81/1.62/2.0:1 gearing I believe. (used to be called 1.84 I think).


The outdrive is currently being removed from the boat at the Easton Point Marina in Easton, MD (eastern shore, 25 miles from bay bridge right off 50). Will be off this week (if not already). I can ship anywhere UPS ground for $100.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Ebay Listing For Outdrive
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