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Results of 59th Annual Martha's Vineyard Derby

Grand Leaders

Boat bluefish: William W. Farnham, 15.17. Shore bluefish: Daniel J. Benedetto, 15.40. Boat bass: William F. Lehman, 47.62. Shore bass: Keith A. McArt, 42.46. Boat bonito: Tom Langman, 10.13. Shore bonito: Betsy J. Miraglia, 8.75. Boat albacore: David C. Kadison, 12.37. Shore albacore: Robert W. Thomas, 12.48.

Grand Slam Leaders

All Tackle Boat: 1, Lev C. Wlodyka, 76.98; 2, Patrick T. Jenkinson, 71.86; 3, Mark S. Plante, 71.10.

All Tackle Shore: 1, Jack Livingston, 48.50; 2, Daniel K. Tilton, 47.72; 3, Daniel A. Keniston, 47.61

Flyrod Boat: 1, Kevin A. Ludwig, 41.37; 2, David C. Kadison, 36.35; 3, Thomas J. Rapone, 35.95.

Overall Leaders

All Tackle Boat Bass: 1, William F. Lehman, 47.62; 2, Lev C. Wlodyka, 46.08; 3, Mark S. Plante, 46.08.

All Tackle Shore Bass: 1, Keith A. McArt, 42.46; 2, Heath J. Estrella, 40.33; 3, Charles Rimas, 36.78.

All Tackle Boat Bonito: 1, Tom Langman, 10.13; 2, Geoff K. Codding, 9.28; 3, Patrick T. Jenkinson, 9.14.

All Tackle Shore Bonito: 1, Betsy J. Miraglia, 8.75; 2, Bernie B. Arruda, 7.14; 3, Daniel A. Keniston, 6.30.

All Tackle Boat Bluefish: 1, William W. Farnham, 15.17; 2, Ted Rosbeck, 14.43; 3, Ken R. Brede, 14.14.

All Tackle Shore Bluefish: 1, Daniel J. Benedetto, 15.40; 2, Peter J. Cook, 13.19; 3, Dennis Guluzy, 12.88.

All Tackle Boat False Albacore: 1, David C. Kadison, 12.37; 2, Donald M. Benefit, 11.22; 3, Jared E. Fisher, 11.01.

All Tackle Shore False Albacore: 1, Robert W. Thomas, 12.48; 2, Robert Correll, 12.08; 3, Gregory Williams, 11.41.

Flyrod Boat Bass: 1, Kevin A. Ludwig, 18.60; 2, David C. Kadison, 16.44; 3, Thomas J. Rapone, 15.84.

Flyrod Shore Bass: 1, Oh Keong, 17.82; 2, Patrick J. Paquette, 17.73; 3, Jonathan R. Herman, 14.32.

Flyrod Boat Bonito: 1, Ken P. Baracchini, 7.57; 2, Brian Nunes-Vais, 6.50; 3, Kevin A. Ludwig, 6.36.

Flyrod Boat Bluefish: 1, Porky J. Francis, 10.09; 2, Art Crago, 9.61; 2, Kevin A. Ludwig, 8.31.

Flyrod Shore Bluefish: 1, Chip J. Bergeron, 9.32; 2, Norris E. Johns, 6.74; 3, Thomas J. Rapone.

Flyrod Boat False Albacore: 1, Rick A. Peters, 11.95; 2, Bob W. Hayman, 10.88; 3, Andrew G. Moore, 10.35.

Flyrod Shore False Albacore: 1, David R. Thompson, 10.75; 2, Robert Wilcoxson, 10.70; 3, Wilson L. Kerr, 10.33.

Junior All Tackle Boat Bass: 1, Ashleigh L. Plante, 39.08; 2, Trevor Maciel, 36.80; 3, Ben T. Ciciora, 36.50.

Junior All Tackle Shore Bass: 1, William B. Stewart, 26.29; 2, Jesse Forney, 18.11; 3, Emilyanne A. Wiliston, 17.45.

Junior All Tackle Boat Bonito: 1, Kassidy R. Bettencourt, 6.42; 2, Sarah L. Kadison, 6.27; 3, Max A. Davies, 6.03.

Junior All Tackle Boat Bluefish: 1, Kassidy R. Bettencourt, 12.72; 2, Kurt Rivard, 12.49; 3, Zachary Coutinho, 12.46.

Junior All Tackle Shore Bluefish: 1, Lucy Benedetto, 9.77; 2, Samuel Scott, 7.25; 3, William B. Stewart, 7.06.

Junior All Tackle Boat False Albacore: 1, William C. Kadison, 11.25; 2, Gus M. Hayes, 10.22; 3, Sarah L. Kadison, 9.18.

Junior All Tackle Shore Albacore: 1, Scott Canavan, 8.96; 2, Christian Nation, 8.47; 3, Jarek B. Peters, 8.31.

Mini-Juniors All Tackle Boat Bass: 1, Travis Leaf, 29.32; 2, Connor Leaf, 28.84; 3, Christopher Mayhew, 28.56.

Mini-Juniors All Tackle Shore Bass: 1, Cameron Maciel, 20.21; 2, Olivia Pate, 12.40.

Mini-Juniors All Tackle Boat Bonito: 1, Brian T. Fraser, 6.30; 2, Tony P. Canha, 5.86; 3, Travis Leaf, 4.84.

Mini-Juniors All Tackle Boat Bluefish: 1, Christopher Mayhew, 10.60; 2, Tony P. Canha, 9.48; 3, Cameron Maciel, 8.37.

Mini-Juniors All Tackle Shore Bluefish: 1, Lexus M. Pate, 3.67.

Mini-Juniors All Tackle Boat False Albacore: 1, Wyatt A. Jenkinson, 8.42; 2, Gordon A. Moore, 7.63.

Mini-Juniors All Tackle Shore False Albacore: 1, Lexus M. Pate, 7.92.

Daily Results
Thursday, Oct. 14

All Tackle Shore Bonito: 1, Kathi M. Pogoda, 5.10.

All Tackle Boat Bluefish: 1, David Pothier, 10.96; 2, Jeffrey G. Cleary, 9.40; 3, Mike E. Mayrand, 9.97; 4, Annette M. Cingle, 8.66.

All Tackle Shore Bluefish: 1, Michael R. Drinan, 8.44; 2, Hayden L. Boullie, 7.26; 3, Ralph J. Peckham, 9.05; 4, Winslow Crocker, 4.73.

All Tackle Boat Bass: 1, Jen Clarke, 34.30; 2, Lois K. Stout, 13.17; 3, Kevin E. Peters, 33.18.

All Tackle Shore Bass: 1, Everett L. Whorton, 24.64; 2, Morgan T. Taylor, 16.56; 3, Daniel C. Stiles, 22.39; 4, Bob Jacobs, 20.94.

Flyrod Boat Bluefish: 1, Brian Nunes-Vais, 4.20.

Flyrod Shore Bass: 1, George P. Moran, 12.81.

Junior All Tackle Boat Bass: 1, Sam Larsen, 16.73.

Junior All Tackle Shore Bass: 1, Dan D. Durawa, 14.77.

Mystery Prize Winners: Winslow Crocker, Kathi M. Pagoda, Brian Gracie, George P. Moran.

Friday, Oct. 15

All Tackle Boat Bonito: 1, Jakob S. Levett, 4.98; 2, Daniel L. Larsen, 7.88; 3, Gregory H. Tayntor, 7.75.

All Tackle Boat Bluefish: 1, Frances Fisher, 12.37; Butch J. Ritz, 11.43; 3, Tom R. Barlosky, 13.97; 4, Jaime B. Gaspar, 11.00.

All Tackle Shore Bluefish: 1, Peter J. Pate, 10.15; 2, Winslow Crocker, 9.64; 3, John C. Wenstrom, 8.67; 4, Hayden L. Boullie, 9.77; Hat Trick, John A. Kallel, 11.01.

All Tackle Boat Bass: 1, Jefferson S. Howell, 29.03; 2, Michael J. Cassidy, 19.75; 3, Leonard A. Giusti, 17.30.

All Tackle Shore Bass: 1, Daniel A. Keniston, 28.12; 2, Jeffrey A. Pribanic, 21.89; 3, Jonathan S. Pike, 20.60; 4, Angela C. Fisher, 19.22.

Flyrod Shore Bluefish: 1, Tim P. Sheran, 5.12.

Junior All Tackle Boat Bluefish: 1, Jesse L. Thomas, 7.05; 2, Connor Cassidy, 6.84; 3, Sydney E. Davies, 4.59; Hat Trick, Tony P. Canha, 9.94.

Junior All Tackle Shore Bluefish: 1, Jarek B. Peters, 6.84; 2, Chris A. Morris, 3.38.

Mystery Prize Winners: Hyaden L. Boullie, Jakob S. Levett, Troy J. Kresser, Tim P. Sheran, Jesse L. Thomas.

Saturday, Oct. 16

All Tackle Boat Bluefish: 1, Wiltz Moreis, 8.38; 2, Edward Rice, 7.72; 3, Edward J. Jerome, 5.35, Hat Trick Tom R. Barlosky, 9.68.

All Tackle Shore Bluefish: 1, James H. Fretz, 9.92; 2, John C. Wenstrom, 9.77; 3, Joseph Gerau, 9.12; 4, Daniel J. Benedetto, 15.40.

All Tackle Shore Bass: 1, Paul B. Schultz, 15.18; 2, Johnny Hoy, 13.26; 3, Annette M. Cingle, 12.23.

Junior All Tackle Boat Bluefish: 1, Alex C. Rowell, 4.36.

Junior All Tackle Shore Bluefish: 1,.William B. Stewart, 7.06; 2, Lexus M. Pate, 3.67.

Junior All Tackle Shore Bass: 1, Olivia Pate, 12.40.

Mystery Prize Winners: Wiltz Moreis, Paul B. Schultz, Lexus M. Pate.

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Wharf Rat Lands Grand Prize in 59th Annual Fishing Derby

Wharf Rat Lands Grand Prize in 59th Annual Fishing Derby

By MAX HART Originally published in The Vineyard Gazette
edition of Friday, October 22nd 2004

In the end, it was a 12.48-pound false albacore hooked in the shallows off Memorial Wharf in Edgartown, and a 10.13-pound bonito snagged in 60-foot seas off Noman's Land that proved to be the grandest catches of all as the 59th Annual Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby came to a close on Sunday.
Robert W. Thomas and Tom Langman walked off the stage at the Atlantic Connection in Oak Bluffs the big winners after their keys popped open the locks to the two grand prizes: a 19-foot Boston Whaler and a Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 truck. Mr. Langman won the truck with his bonito and Mr. Thomas won the boat with his albacore.
Dozens of awards and prizes totaling thousands of dollars were also handed out for various categories at the awards ceremony.
There were awards for junior and senior anglers, for individual accomplishments and family catches. Fishermen from eight to 87 took the stage.
Ashleigh L. Plante, 9, walked away with the Wayne Jackson Memorial Award for the heaviest fish caught by a junior, a 39.08-pound striped bass. Fishermen of all ages were audibly impressed. "That's a nice fish," mumbled more than a few members of the audience.
Lev Wlodyka and Jack Livingston won the boat and shore Grand Slam - the highest total weight in all four fish categories. Mr. Wlodyka finished with a 76.98 cumulative score in the boat category while Mr. Livingston weighed in with 48.50.
Mr. Wlodyka still holds the record for the highest grand slam score with 81 points. "I started fishing too early this year," he said with a smile. "Next year's the year."
Derby weigh master Bill Jurczyk said while the grand leaders are the ones who get a shot at the big prizes, winning the grand slam "is like winning the green jacket at the Masters. It's a symbol of respect among the fisherman."
But as usual in this tournament, people were most anxious to see the awarding of the grand prizes. Two out of eight grand leaders walk away with the keys to the boat and truck in hand, and this year it was, as always, a nerve-wracking moment.
Each of the four grand leaders - the fishermen who caught the biggest bluefish, bonito, false albacore and striped bass during the tournament, from both the boat and shore categories - chose randomly the order in which they would select a key from out of a hat. After establishing the order, all eight contenders picked their keys, and then waited for their turn at a lock.
Only one key in both foursomes opened the lock. The gang of four boat leaders in contention for the truck tried their luck first, and it was Mr. Langman, who chose second and popped the lock.
"My friends told me I wanted to be second or third in line, so I was delighted when I picked second," Mr. Langman said afterwards. "I didn't expect to win, but I got lucky. People always say ?Good Luck' when you go out fishing, but it takes on a whole new meaning when you end up winning a truck."
Mr. Langman, a seasonal resident of Menemsha, said he was originally trolling for large bluefish south of Noman's Land with Ben McCormick when he caught the bonito on a Missouri plug.
"Winning this, it's a once in a lifetime experience," he said.
After Mr. Langman's brief celebration, Betsy Miraglia (8.75-pound bonito) strolled over to derby president Ed Jerome for the first shot at the Boston Whaler, but her key failed to open the lock. Keith McArt (42.26-pound bass) was next, but he, too, was unsuccessful. That left an incredulous Daniel Benedetto (15.40-pound bluefish) and a giddy Mr. Thomas for the top prize.
Mr. Benedetto was next in line, and his anxiety was evident. With the crowd yelling "fifty-fifty", Mr. Benedetto stepped forward. When his key failed to click open the lock, the crowd erupted into applause for Mr. Thomas, who raised his arms more in disbelief than in victory.
Chants of "Bobby" echoed throughout the club.
"I couldn't believe it," he said afterwards. "I spend year after year fishing that wharf, and to win with a fish I caught on the first day [of the derby] is just unbelievable to me. It's something. Good karma, I guess."
His false albacore, weighed in at 8:01 am on Sept. 12, was caught on a rod he borrowed from a friend at the one spot he always fishes.
"I am always down there, that's why they call me a wharf rat," Mr. Thomas joked later as he stood next to his new boat. "I'm just still in shock."
Mr. McArt, who was fishing in his sixth derby, was only a little disappointed he didn't win the Whaler. For him, the satisfaction came in just being on stage.
"It was very warm up on stage," he joked afterwards, wiping a bead of sweat from his brow. "But it was something I have always dreamed about. Of course you want to win it, but for me, it was more about being part of the history of this tournament."
Mr. McArt was also in the running for the shore grand slam, but never found a bonito to put him in contention. He could only laugh when recalling how close he came.
"I was standing next to Betsy [Miraglia] when she caught the winning bonito," he said, laughing. "We were on the jetty off Beach Road in Oak Bluffs. I had been fishing for awhile with nothing biting, and when I decided to take a break and sit down and eat something, she hooks this big bonito. Right next to me."
He smiled and shook his head.
"Oh well, what can you do?"
Fish tales of the like were abundant on Sunday, and as the Atlantic Connection emptied out on to Circuit avenue and another derby came to an end, Burt Horrow was eager to spin his own yarn. He went to accept the Howie Leonard Award for largest boat false albacore caught by a senior for his friend, Harold Gordon, who was in France. As Mr. Horrow waited for his wife to pick him up, he clutched his friend's award and joked that he should have won this prize.
"I was the fishing guru," Mr. Horrow said, laughing. "I taught Harold everything he knows about fishing. But he won this, so now, I guess I have become the student."

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Six stripers over 30 pounds each were weighed in in the first 36 hours of the Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby, and if the early catch is any indication it is going to be an exciting 35 days of fishing.
One hundred and thirty-eight fish - more than 1,460 pounds of striped bass, bluefish, false albacore and bonito - were weighed in during the 60th annual tournament's first day and a half. The hefty stripers marked a significant change from last year, when only one over 30 pounds was logged in the same time frame.
As of Monday morning, Emily Vanderhoop led the tournament with the heaviest fish - a 39.14-pound striped bass. She displaced Stan Lasinski, who brought in his 33.54-pounder almost exactly 12 hours earlier.
Roger Sylva brought in the largest bluefish, a 12.04-pounder caught from a boat on Sunday.
Also of note is Michael Peters's 12.24-pound false albacore caught from a boat on Sunday. Mr. Peters's fish is only .13 pounds less than last year's top boat albie - a 12.37-pounder caught by David Kadison. How long will Mr. Peters's fish last atop the leader board?
Upcoming events include the kids' derby on Saturday, Sept. 17.

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Molly Fishers 49.22 / Congratulations to Molly

Molly Fischer, Age 12, Is Derby Leader

With six days left to catch the winning fish, a new name was scrawled in chalk atop the leaderboard, capturing the hearts and minds of all in the waning moments of the 60th annual Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby.
But it wasn't a Wlodyka or a Jenkinson or even a Rapone who walked into the weigh-in station in Edgartown at 8:09 Sunday night with a gigantic striped bass in tow. It wasn't some old salt or professional sportsman who had braved miserable weather to land the big fish in high, rolling seas somewhere off Squibnocket.
It was 12-year-old Molly Fischer.
Struggling to hoist her catch off the ground, Molly slowly made her way to the scale, hoping she had landed the derby's first 50-pounder. Then her arms gave out, and she was forced to drag it, waddling as she tugged her prize between her legs. Anxious onlookers, mouths agape and eager to know the fish's official weight, had to sit patiently until she reached the table.
But the crowd could easily forgive her for the delay. Molly was only a little bigger than her fish. "It felt more like 150 pounds than 50," she said. "My arms got really weak pretty fast."
Eventually, the West Tisbury School seventh-grader got there, and the official weight was revealed - 49.22 pounds.
Suddenly the tournament had a new grand leader.
The big fish also moved Molly well into first place in the junior division for boat striped bass. The 30 or so spectators who had crammed into the small shack erupted into applause.
"It was amazing," Molly said, grasping for words. "I was all pumped up."
If a 12-year-old landing the biggest fish to lead the derby with less than a week left isn't enough drama for you, you might want to check your pulse. Now, with only two days remaining, there is a good chance she will be standing on stage during Sunday's award ceremony with a 25 per cent chance at winning a new Chevrolet truck - something she would have to wait until 2009 to enjoy. The ceremony begins at 1 p.m. at the Atlantic Connection in Oak Bluffs.
"It's pretty wild," her father, Albert Fischer, said with a laugh.
The fish moves ahead of Brian Athearn's 48.46-pounder, caught Sept. 27. And with high winds and more rain forecast throughout the weekend, the likelihood of another bass that size being hauled in from a boat is even more diminished.
Molly's tale is remarkable, especially given the poor conditions she was fishing in. She went out Sunday with her father, family friend Jack Schlossberg - who, coincidentally, was bumped into third place in the junior boat striped bass category by his pal's striper - and Scott McDowell on Mr. McDowell's boat, the Slapshot II. When they began trolling at a spot off Squibnocket, around noon, the rain was only intermittent. Then came the tug.
"I was holding the rod and all of a sudden the line started going out and out," Molly said. "And it started pouring right at that moment. Everyone else was under the canopy, telling me not to give the fish any slack. I was soaked in about two minutes."
Molly said she fought the fish for about 20 minutes before it broke the surface.
"We saw a splash and I thought it was an alligator," she said.
After returning to Menemsha, they weighed it with a hand scale that said the fish was almost exactly 50 pounds. With about four hours to go before the weigh-in station opened, they packed the fish in ice and headed home for a shower and a little reflection on what may lie ahead.
"I wanted it to be 50 pounds so bad," Molly recalled. "I couldn't wait to get down to weigh it."
At eight, she and her father pulled into the parking lot in Edgartown to a crowd of people. Buzz had circulated around the Island that someone was bringing in a 50-pound bass. Once inside, she was surrounded by a sea of people.
"I remember the guy put it on the scale and the numbers just kept going up and up," she said. "When it got to 49.22, the place went wild. The women in the room were all slapping hands, saying ?girls rule.' It was really exciting."
Just to make sure the fish was not loaded, Capt. Porky Francis shoved his hand down the throat for inspection. He quickly confirmed there was nothing in its gullet.
To celebrate, Albert took his daughter for an ice cream, where she was instantly identified as the girl who caught the big fish.
"People there already knew," she said. "It was weird."
So is she prepared for all the hoopla should the fish remain in first place until the awards ceremony on Sunday?
"I am good around a bunch of people, but only if I know them," she said. "I think I'll be nervous."
Regardless of whether she wins, Molly said the fish will always hold extra significance for her. Last month, Albert's first wife, Jeannie Wallace Fischer, who was very close with Molly and her older sister, Lydia, died from cancer. Out there in rain, Molly said, she could not help but wonder if there was something more at work.
"When I got the fish in the boat, I said, ?I think I just caught Jeannie,'" she said with a laugh. "With her passing last month, I was thinking that this was a gift from her. I felt like her spirit was there."

Originally published in The Vineyard Gazette
edition of Friday, October 14, 2005

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shoulda shoved a couple of sinkers down its throat, sure is big enough to fit em hahaha.

Enough of the antics, thats awesome, 6 years younger than me, and already caught a fish 25lbs better than my personal best hahah.

Thats an awesome fish, complexion doesn't look to good though.

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Mollys Fish Wins the Derby

Mollys Fish Wins the Derby

The granddaughter of Milford's Park Commissioner Reno Baci has beat out more than 1,000 people to win the 60th annual Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby.
"I thought it was an alligator," Molly Fischer said last night.
"I was scared of it when we brought it in the boat," she added. "But it only took me 20 minutes to bring it in."
Fischer, a 12-year-old West Tisbury School seventh-grade student, was declared the winner of the fishing competition this past weekend after reeling in a 49.2 pound striped bass in stormy waters off Squibnocket. -- and her grandfather couldn't be prouder.
When asked how proud he was, Baci's broad smile said it all.
"She said they made her a celebrity," he said, laughing. His granddaughter has already been interviewed for such notable publications as Field and Stream and Sports Illustrated.
Fischer said all her newfound celebrity was "amazing."
Although Baci and his wife, Alma, residents of Harding Road, were unable to be on the island when their granddaughter won the coveted prize they were in constant contact with her.
Molly, who is 5-foot-6, dragged the 49.2 pound, 5-foot-1-inch long striped bass into the the weigh-in station in Edgartown on Oct. 9 -- which just happened to be her grandmother Alma's birthday. The fish immediately was placed at the top of the leader board. Her catch stayed at the top of the board all week until the official end of the derby on Sunday.
She fought 8-to-10-foot sea swells and 30-mph winds while bringing in her catch.
She fought the fish alone on the boat's stern in the pouring rain as her dad, Albert Fisher, and other members of the crew were under cover yelling, "Don't give him any slack Molly!" A cloudburst let loose as she reeled in the fish, said Baci.
Molly won the derby in four categories including the junior division, the biggest fish reeled in from a boat, the biggest overall fish, and the biggest fish for a female. For her efforts she has won a number of prizes including fishing equipment The local fishermen are so excited," said Molly's mom, Linda Fischer.
"This is the true essence of the derby, the true essence of life on the island. It's as honest and pure as you can get."
Baci said he and his wife are planning to go to the Vineyard next week to visit Molly, her sister Lydia and their parents Linda (Baci) and Albert.

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I could remember catching a pail full of sunnys using baloney for bait when I was younger & that was such a big deal.
Congrats to Molly. The pic of her holding up that cow should land her an endorsement deal with Wheaties!

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MV Fishing Derby

I am new to Stripers247. I am planning a trip in mid-September to fish the Martha's Vineyard Derby. I will have a 21ft Lund Alaskan rigged with trolling motors and lots of gear. Any suggestions on good spots / lures / baits would be appreciated. The boat is able to go almost anywhere around the island / ledges, etc.


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