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Marine Safety and Security Product Reviews
Feb 2007
by Rob Pavlick

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SeaKey v2.0 Safety and Security

Gilligan and his companions would have been back home in no time at all if they had a SeaKey v2.0. For those of you who have older boat models, the SeaKey v2.0 in-boat safety and security system is not only a new option for boaters, but comes standard in new boats from 35 boat manufacturers nationwide. This satellite-based communications system gives boaters the assurance that help is never out of reach, no matter how far out on the water. Plus, security technology gives boat owners the peace of mind that, when not boating, they will be alerted should their boat make any unplanned moves.

To give a comparison, SeaKey is like having OnStar for your boat, but with some additional marine oriented features. The LCD display interacts with the SeaKey Command Module, which provides 24/7 direct access to a satellite communications network. From the display, the owner can notify the SeaKey Response Center of any emergencies he or she has on board. The integrated GPS receiver allows SeaKey to track your vessels location, which helps them respond to an on-board emergency or recover a stolen vessel.

The SeaKey also can keep your family and friends back on land abreast of your whereabouts. Boaters can create an online float plan that will send automatic email notifications of their arrival to select destinations. In addition to the security and safety that is included with SeaKey's monthly monitoring fee, owners have access to a concierge service that can help them find fuel, make marina reservations, or even points of interest at a new port.

Northstar Explorer 710 VHF Radio

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There is no doubt that a quality VHF radio is one of the most important electronics you can have, and could someday save your life. The Northstar Explorer 710 radio comes with all the features you come to expect from a VHF radio, while added display features that come in very handy. The large LCD presents 4 lines of text to display channel names, digital selective calling (DSC) messages, and GPS coordinates if connected to a GPS receiver.

The Explorer 710 allows you to program your three favorite channels for easy selection. Plus, a call log allows you to search for previous calls and instantly call back any of the entries in the log. Both the unit and handset are fully waterproof so your radio will handle the worst the weather has to offer.

Welcome to Northstar

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