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I decided recently that I would like to spend my life fishing for stripers, while also hoping to make a living doing so. While I don't have the means right now to put everything completely in motion. I am passionate enough about this and believe that I have enough drive to make it happen sooner before later. I have contacted every guide in my area asking for a chance to come on trips with any of them and hope to learn as much as I can on those trips. I am younger than most people that do this (25), but I am working on drafting up the business plan, and hope to put everything in motion soon. I guess I am writing to ask if any guides here can give me any advice, on how tough it is to get your name out there in the beginning, or how long will business and income be low? Also I probably researched 10 guides in my area, and every single one of them charges the exact same price for there services $400 for 1-4 people and 50$ extra for every person up to 6. The other question I have is why does no one in this business try and undercut on price, is there like a unwritten rule that you don't compete price wise with your fellow fisherman, or is there something else im missing?

Thank you for any and all help.
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