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I think it’s amazing that you wanna follow your passion. I would like to speak particularly to the point of under cutting the price. I believe you were on the right track asking the people who have been doing it for advice. I suggest as an alternative way to view things, that you look at it as why would you want to undercut the price. You’re providing a service and so are they. You should take pride in your service and be able to see the value in it yourself. If experienced captains are garnishing that fee for their services in your area, then in my opinion it is absolutely the worst thing you could probably do for your own future in the industry. Anyone can enter a market of any kind and undercut price. That is a fact. As I am a sales and marketing professional, and a lover a fish anyone can enter a market of any kind and undercut price. That is a fact. you may even achieve some early bookings that you can say are directly because of that. I have to believe that is a short term plan and philosophy. I am not a charter captain but have dreams of being an onshore guide in my latter years. I am a sales and marketing professional full-time as my career and it’s from that point that I offer my opinion. Ultimately if you lean on the experienced angler/captains around you that is the best resource
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