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Today despite the winds we took 6 bass up to 20lbs here in narraganetts. I tried to cancel this Spilt shared trip trip last night with the weatherman calling for high winds a 2ft-3ft chop but my passengers where taking a day out of work to go and said they would be happy with an hour or two of fishing. Two of the paassegers travel 3 hours and the other a new customer was local got here an an hour before shove off. we left the dock at 0500 and 0530 first keeper in the boat. We tried to stay out till 1000 but 0930 we headed back for that long 2 mile ride
. The fish were on top taking poppers while the bottom fish took green jig with squid traliors. I lost count on how many shorts we caught. Once the wind really picked up the drifts were to fast and we couldn't stay on the fish. So back at the dock at 1000 with 5 of the 6 keepers the Capt drop one (the dumb a$$.) Thanks to everyone that responded to the special we offered this week. I got pictures but the lens gotsomething on and they were all blurred.


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