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Hey all, just started out making some plugs. Figured since plugs were so expensive now a days I would look I to building my own, maybe even sell a few eventually.

Here's my question, I didn't seal the wood with any oil or poly or what not like I have been reading about. I'll walk you through my process, feel free to point out potential problems or recommendations. I have yet to use these plugs.

First, I picked up some basswood from homedepot 1-3/4" square. 1/8th in hole drilled through center. Turned it to my liking. Sand it real good, been going up to 900 grit, probably over kill. Cut and drilled for weights.

Then spray paint primer, HD brand. Get a nice solid coat of white, then paint my design. Let that dry over night. I fit up all the grommets and swivels then rig it up in a rotating jig.

Here I coat it in bob smith industry's 30min epoxy. Put a space heater on it, doing it in my basement so I want it to be above 70 when curing. I let it spin for roughly 8hrs and don't
remove it for roughly 12hrs.

My concerns lies in the swivel area (3/8th in hole) allowing to much water in and causing the plug to swell and crack. And i know that the nose grommet isn't full closed up as well. Any concerns there ??
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