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Hi All,
New to the site. Curt Heidel is my name. Live full time at Lake Anna now for about 6 years. I have been fishing once in a while as I made the time, but in the past year started catching stripers. Before that I mostly catfished and drank beer. The stripers are addictive. I went out with a guide, Jim Hemby and learned a bit about how to catch them. Since then I've been slowly working on gearing up and learning the lake. I just got serious about it! Bought a 2010 Carolina Skiff 238 DLV. 150hp Yamy. Rigged it all out with a 40 gallon Bluewater bait tank, rod holders, trolling, bimini, the works.
Went out on it's maiden striper trip on Sunday. Caught bait early and tried uplake. Water uplake still too cold I guess. Marked fish but they wouldn't bite. We gave in and went down to **** 3 and limited out quickly. Nice first day.
Anyone fishing Lake Anna I'd love to connect on where you finding bait and schools of stripers. I'm still a novice, but plan on putting time in on the water and am learning pretty quickly. I know on Lake Anna you gotta get bait or go home.


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