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By August 1, L.L. Bean Retail Stores will no longer be offering traditional soft plastic lures. Instead, the retailer “will be proud” to only offer biodegradable alternatives.
According to Mac McKeever, an L.L.Bean Senior Public Relations Representative, biodegradable alternatives cost about the same as traditional soft plastic lures, are just as effective and durable, and breakdown naturally in water within 60-90 days and within 30 days in a fish’s stomach.
The Freeport-based company began considering making a switch last fall, but after reading a IF&W report on how soft plastic lures are harming Maine’s fish, it decided to make the transition sooner.
“I’m hoping that your fantastic study will inspire people to consider alternatives and spawn additional studies in other states,” McKeever said. “In concert, it is my hope that L.L.Bean will set a positive example for others by only offering biodegradable alternatives. We’re doing it because we have had a long history of environmental benevolence. We’re doing it because it’s simply the right thing to do.”
The new assortment of biodegradable alternatives closely mirrors the broad assortment previously represented by the traditional soft plastic lures L.L.Bean was offering, McKeever said.
The catalog and website soon will follow suit.
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