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I have never dug them up intentionally myself........

But these worms are native to the saltwater marsh areas, but much more down south. Long Island Sound marshes, Great South Bay, Jamacia Bay in brooklyn, and I think marsh areas in staten island have them. I have seen people harvest them in narraganset RI, where I go every columbus day. Thats more of a fun weekend, so I chase sea bass and tog mostly. But almost every night at sunset we chase huge shad there.

Local bait shops sell large shiners. They do work before the herring get here. Even when the herring get here, the water is too cold for the striper to catch the herring successfully.

Im no expert at all, but alot of folks prefer chunk when the water is cold. And more live when the temps warm up into the 50's.

Years ago I raised Koi and sold them in a pond. I would stop feeding them below 50 deg F.

Enjoying that new kayak?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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