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The State of New Jersey's proposing new rule change and fees to all State Parks including IBSP, Marinas and Golf Courses. The biggest change for us has to do with the definition of what a "Mobile Sport Fishing Vehicle" is. We will need all Beach Buggy Members and those who use NJ's beaches to help us out by responding to the rule changes, either by sending a letter to Alice Previte, address below or send your comments electronically to the link below. We have till September 16, 2012 to get our comments in, but please get them ASAP!

I have attached the states proposed rule changes where we have highlighted all our concerns.
Please if you would like more information on this issue, contact one of the persons below:

NJBBA President Paul Harris [email protected]
2nd VP Tim Burden [email protected]
Corresponding Sec. Reb Gilliland
Director Paul Novello [email protected]

R-njbba new state rules changes-2.pdf 139k .pdf file

Alice A. Previte, Esq.
Attention: DEP Docket Number 01-12-06
Office of Legal Affairs
Department of Environmental Protection
401 East State Street,4th Floor
Mail Code 401-04L
P.O. Box 402
Trenton, NJ 08625-0402

electronically at


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