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77.4-pound striped bass that set the new Rhode Island state record and fell just about a pound short of being the new all-tackle world record and today we'll bring you some more photos of this amazing fish.

Peter Vican is no stranger to big fish, he had in fact held the record before, with a 76-pound, 14-ounce fish caught in 2009.

Vican, who plans to get a skin mount of this fish, reports that it was caught on a live eel, around 3:30 a.m. fishing off Block Island with friend Don Smith.

Smith also gave the guys at Boating Local a description of the evening. He said they began fishing on the south side of the block at 9:30 p.m., and had some success, catching bass to 48 pounds, and a number of 40-plus-pound fish. After getting covered up in dogfish, they moved but came back.

At 3:30, peter hooked this monster striper. He says it didn't fight incredibly well or make any long runs, and they weren't sure of its size until they got it alongside the boat.

Smith says he was so excited from the sight of the fish that he was able to haul the net over the side of the boat himself. When they dropped the fish next to the 48-pound bass, which they'd kept, he says the larger one looked as though it could swallow the smaller one.

"It looked like a brick with a tail," Smith says.

Congratulations on a lifetime achievement Peter.

Capt.Paul Peluso reporting www.MamaMiaFishing.Net
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