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I know its early to think about it but

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Alright for some reason I have it stuck in my head that I need to catch a cusk..I live in maine and i realize that i have got to go north for them but i was wondering any info on them and if someone knew a good spot.
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Hi Midcoast, ice fishing is the best time to catch them I go to Sally Mountain Cabins in jackman, ME it's about 30.00 a night to stay there but i highly recommend them, electricity, hot shower, private cabin, take a couple of your buddys who are willing to pitch in and drive up for the weekend, it's good to make memories. you can check them out online
JK.. where the hell have you been... I was ready to send the coasties looking for you!!!!!! I thought you may have been eaten by a shark!

Good to see you back posting bud!

I'ts too early to talk about icefishing... at least give it another month!
Hey Roc, i've been busy with the Maine State Police, and also my good friend Tim got shipped off to Georgia earlier this month to get ready to go to i've been pretty busy with that...I also just started a new position with my job at Bank of America. It's good to be back though, I've pretty much done my striper fishing for the year unfortunately, as I have a pretty busy october coming up, i've got a moose hunt this coming week for columbus week and grouse season starts monday, trapping season for early coyote and fox starts on the 14th of this month, so i've gotta get in gear! I've also been getting ready for deer season i'm going up to the Allagash for my annual week long hunt in November, probably veterans day week, so a lot of planning and getting ready of the camper. Good to see you too ROC!
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