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How was this Spring for you?????

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I've been doing my own bit of research the last several years on the general health of the bass stocks. It's a topic that is important to me, and no doubt important to many of you. So I would appreciate if you post up a couple sentences on how the spring season was for you. I'm interested in knowing the following:

1) Your general level of fishing experience, again GENERAL level, so that I know how many seasons you may be comparing it to.

2) How did this spring compare to previous springs.

3) Was there anything unusual that jumped out at you about this spring, like different bait patterns, fish arriving early / late, etc.

4) The general size and health of the fish you caught.

I hope you all had a good spring and I'll thank anybody in advance who wishes to pony up a post.
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I fish the Hudson way up north near the Troy dam.

Numbers were average but the fish were BIG. I caught more 38+ inch fish than i ever have before and several over 40. Same thing from all my friends in the area as well.
Interesting, so the smaller fish were absent from the mix. Thanks for your input Ship and have a good season.
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