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Hi everyone.
First I want to thank everyone for the help Ive gotten just lurking around and browsing the past threads.
Im hoping to get geared up and hit the surf this summer. My fishing background is kind of strange. I love to fish, as a kid I spent all my summers in the Little Compton/Westboro area, and never caught a striper. Ever.
My grandfather was a surf fisherman. As a kid I remember asking him to show me the ropes. I never understood that by then his knees were so far gone, he wasnt able. My old man was a bottom fisherman and most of my early salt experience was hauling in Tautog from the mussel beds. Most of our "striper" fishing was more of an aimless dangling of lines as we headed back to the ramp. This was also the early eighties and bluefish ruled the bays back then.
Most of my fishing has been in the fresh. Ive fished for everything from kiver to chinook on everything from flyrod to ice tilt. The one thing Ive not done is sit down and put the time and effort into learning the salt and surf game. Well....Im not waiting anymore.
Ive actually be away from all fishing for a few years (human spawning season I guess you could call it), but its time to get serious again.

I have very little gear still left for the salt.
I do have functioning older 750ss so that'll help.

I would like to eventually have a bait setup and a plugging setup to use on the sand and rocks I used to know as a kid. Ive fished conventional a bit, but in all honesty am more comfortable spinning. Ideally I see myself plugging mostly, but my Dad isnt as mobile as he used to be and the chance to just sit with him on the beach and drown some bait sounds great.

Okay...the spending part. If I had it, the custom rods with matching VanStaals would be on the way......but its not gonna happen (at least not for a long while) Ive pulled together about $300 to spend on rods/reels. I know its personal preference but Id like to hear your opinions as to what I should do.

Would you:

-Find a dirt cheap bait rod and throw it all at a nice Lami (switch the 750ss between them)
-Get a couple of moderate priced rods (tsunami/St Croix etc) and a baitfeeder reel or use the 750ss for bait and get a different reel for plugging)
-or something else.....

What do you think?

I know I still have to pick up terminal tackle/surf bag/plugs/jigs etc but I can chip away at that. Ive been around this game long enough to know I have a long way to go, but this is a start. Im not going to waste another season with a world class gamefish swimming all around me without giving it the time and effort it deserves.

Sorry if I was a bit long winded, but thanks for your help,


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When I didnt know much I caught tons of fish with a Silistar rod and a well worn open faced spinning reel.
The setup was a Mitchell 302 and a $15 - 10' silistar rod from Modells.
Then I graduated to Shakespeare ugly sticks and a Penn 7500 which eventually gave way to the Penn 700s and Z series reels. Most of my fishing was bait and wait.
My favorite rod was a 30 dollar no name from Modells (probably made in China) that was broken by the car door.
The point here is that the rod and reel doesnt t catch the fish, the terminal tackle and the presentation does. How you get it to them is half the fun.
My feeling is that the perfect setup for bait and wait is a med to heavy 10 to 12 foot rod that will throw 4 to 8 ounces and a spinning reel that can handle 200 yards of mono. Used ebay is fine. As long as it is cleaned oiled and cared for.
This method kept me fishing in good stead for 15 years until i thought it was time to upgrade and learn a little bit about casting and lure presentation.
Now my feelings on the perfect bait and wait setup is a good med to heavy chunking or casting stick with either a baitrunner (shimano) or a Penn 704 reel. I have all types of both spinning and conventionals but my preference is those mentioned above. The baitrunners are great for fishing cut bait. thumbsup.gif
PS the 704 is an excellent reel for plugging in the surf. IMO. 21 ounces (intermed weight)

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Yea, I agree with Striper Jim. Get a baitrunner for your chunks. That 750 is a heavy real for plugging. It's a good real though. I was in the Sport's Authority yesterday, They have a Diawa Emcast for 44.95. It has a casting spool. You have decent stick's out there. I have a 10' Ugly Stick I bought a few years back that I use for bait, coupled with an Okuma
Epixor 65 baitrunner. Works real well. You might want to go with a lighter rod, weight wise, for casting. Like a Tica or a Tsunami. thumbsup.gif
BTW I also have 4 704z reels, they're the best. cigar.gif

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whats up clumber,

I also just got back in to fishing recently (summer 2004) and learning about stripers has been half the fun. I bought my first rod at a shop on Shelter Island and got raped for it, then a friend told me about the ugly sticks, I picked up a 10' med action graphite that I love. Its not an expensive rod and Shakespeare has a life time warranty, I broke mine and they sent me a brand new one in under two weeks! I use a slammer 560 for plugging and I have a tica camery 4500 as a back up. the tica's a great reel for the price. I would suggest you check ebay for gear as I have gotten a ton of stuff that I don't think I could have afforded off ebay just make sure the seller has a 100% positive feed back score. good luck!

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Clumber I also have an ugly stik and I use Okuma reels(stratus 65,Dick's sporting goods version of the Epixor)Like Jim said it's not the rod and reel that catch fish,they don't know what your holding in your hands,all you need is something thatwill hold up to the abuse,and also like Jim mentioned maintain your reel keep it cleaned and lubed and it'll be your friend for a long time.But ofcourse if you can afford the expensive and that's what you like for equipment then rock on. headbang.gif
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