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King of Eels
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I thought this would be a good time to bump this.
Maybe some idiot from Berkley will see it.
Marine in his Blues, no legs, Saluting proudly.....................................
How in the WORLD CAN YOU DENY HIM....................
And he'd do it again given the opertunity...

How soon we all forget...

People die in the streets of Boston and every major city every day, our schools are no longer a safe place for our childern to be educated, why are the good people at Berkly not protesting these crimes, instead of protesting the people that give them the right to do so!, sex offenders and hard core criminals get set free on technicalities every day....all because of the freedome that our fore fathers and our sons and daughters fought for and still fight to preserve.... I'd like to see them try a demonstration like that in Cuba!

As long as people have a differance of opinion, there will be fighting, as long as some have freedom and some dont, there will be fighting.. someone has to be sure that the majority remains safe... our Men and women of the UNITED STATES MILLITARY do exactly that... we as AMERICANS need to support them...if you dont, move to another country and go protest... sooner or latter you'll be part of the 6 oclock news when some terrorist stands in front of the camera with YOUR head in their hand....

Good post Gunney.. I somehow missed this one first time around.
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