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Ok, where to begin....ok so started by taking another trip down to Newbury, MA. Caught one schoolie on a Storm. Went to the 99's, and then just needed to fish more. I went down to my Basshole in the marsh. There was 3 guys fly fishing, but had no luck. I told them they have to wait till after slack tide, and the fish will probably come pouring down the river. They decided to call it a night. I had the whole place to myself :) I threw out some chunk herring, and started working the Wildeyes. Nothing. 30 minutes later, what seemed to be an asteroid fell out fo the sky into the middle of the river LMAO. I almost crapped. Then about an hour of working various Bombers and poppers, the tide really started moving out. Then.......BABOOOOOOM. A never ending supply of Stripered Bass came rumbling down the river. YES!!! They were playing around, and bouncing themselves off the surface. So I worked the Wildeyes right in the middle of them, and still had some herring out, and no bites!!!!! WHAT THE HELL?!?!? After a little more than 30 minutes of swearing and bitching, I said F it, I've all these plugs, but not the Gag's rattling Peanut Bunker. I hucked that, and on about the 6 cast, WHAAAACK. FINALLY. First fish was about 15". The 3rd or 4th fish I snagged was the biggest, 26", and really put up a hell of a fight. So get this, I caught 20, yes TWENTY fish exactly! So, I ended up pushing my luck, cuz I lost the Peanut Bunker lure ina mussle bed. The tide was real, real low, and I knew I'd do it, but I kept ooon fishin'. I am telling you, there was what seemed to be 1000 Stripers in there, all around me, every direction, doing the Shamu thing, and just bouncing off the water. I had a blast, but I fished until I felt like my back was in meltdown mode. I am a warrior. So 21 Stripers today, including the one in Newbury.

Didnt get home till 2 am :) But I'll be right back down there tomorrow night at slack tide, to fish the outgoing again mwwuuuahahaha. BUt I gots to go get another Gags Peenit Bunkah though ;)

NOTHING else caught fish, except that lure. Not even fresh Herring.

Time fa night night. I'm beat.

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