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Got up this morning at 5:00 a.m. took a look out the window and discovered it was pouring out. I was to meet my long time friend Nick at 6:00 am and go to the hunters breakfast with him as we do on the first day every year. At about 7:30 a.m. we finally hit the woods, I was a bit skepticle about what we might see since it was raining so hard, i knew if there was going to be any chance at us seeing one we'd probably have to jump it up out of it's bed. We were at our usual spot that we hunt, where it has produced some very large deer for us in the past. We slowly walked down the small trail in the woods to get to the edge of the dry swamp that we typically hunt in this type of weather. I was going to go through the thick of the stuff while Nick walked on the outside of the swamp so that if any deer spooked out he would have a chance at getting one, which has also worked well in the past. (2 years prior we both took deer doing this technique).
As I slowly worked my way through the swamp it brought back some great high school memories from when Nick and I would get out after school and head to that parcel of woods to hunt for the afternoon, many times being succesful, many times not.
I finally had made my way out to the outer edge of the swamp and didn't see anything, so I made my way along the edge of the ridge that runs behind the swamp. It's full of a mix of jack furs, cedar, spruce, and pine. I finally came to the intersection of two deer trails, one of which had a fresh pile of coyote scat in it. I thought to myself for a moment and figured that if there's scat in the trail chances are he's after deer and he probably knows better then I do where they're hiding. I followed down that trail for approximately 100 yards when the woods started to open up. Up ahead of me about 20 yards I saw this really nice rack looking in the opposite direction of me, I took one more step to see the entire body of this fine buck and I took aim and fired. The bucks head just dropped and I knew he was down. I had made a clean kill. When I walked up to him I could feel the excitement as I admired this huge whitetail that had been tearing up trees all through the woods, and making huge ground scrapes. 4 hours later after Nick got done hunting and I went and grabbed my deer carrier we took the deer to the tagging station and he weighed out at 210 lbs. and had 8 points. Pictures to follow as soon as i get them loaded.
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