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My opinion is that Striped Bass should be protected as a game fish to be taken with rod and reel only. I believe the breeder fish should be protected, and I have no problem with a limit on what can be kept. But bait fish that are a major food source need to also be protected. Bass can't thrive if the bait they eat are being depleted. I like fishing with fresh bait as much as anyone else, but these boats that catch the bait and process it right on board should be limited. With the bait they are catching in the nets, you can bet there are some Stripers caught up as well.

I get more joy from catching than I do from eating Striped Bass. They are good eating, but I don't need to fill my freezer with them.

If we need to buy a license, all funds should go back into protecting the fishery and enforcement of the bag limits. Taking of undersize fish, or more than the limit needs to stop. Fines for poaching need to increase to the point that it's to risky to poach. Gear needs to be conficated, and the guys poaching need to know that they are going to be seriously hurt in the pocketbook WHEN they are caught. With enough enforcement, it will be a matter of when versus if they are caught.
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