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If we do make them a gamefish we also need to take steps to increase the forage base and increase the take on other predators like bluefish and doggies. Those things need to be taken off of the protected list.
Otherwise we'll have 100 million emaciated and skinny bass. Look at the skinny fish that came out of the Chesapeake in 04 with sores because of the menhaden reduction. Are there enough baby weaks, flatties, spearing, mullet, sand eels, scup, spot, herring, shad, eels, clams and lobster? Probably.
Then again they'll likely start eating other things that they arent primary forage now. Like tommy cod, mummichog, sea bass and ling, -- snapper blues maybe. :icon_pirate:
my 2cents. Doesnt mean i know whats best.
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