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My opinion only:
1. Make them gamefish, No commercial fishing, 1 fish per day @ 28 - 36", hook and line only. Nobody needs 2 30 pound fish a day, and I see that happen in the Spring.
2. The club I belong to currently fishes 10 weekend tournaments a year, against 6 other clubs, and every fish over 30" is killed to get weighed. We are exploring changing the format to a 6 week long tourney, with only the top 10 fish from each club counting. That way, we can post the weights of the top 10 fish, and if a fish you catch is not heavy enough to make the top 10, it can be released after a quick weigh on the beach. Should reduce tourney mortality greatly.
3. Omega Protein needs to go. They are raping the Virginia side of the Chesapeake of any menhaden they can find, which removes the filter feeders from the bay, which reduces the health of the bay, and reduces forage for the bass. Since the Chessie is the major source of migrating bass, steps need to be taken to reduce Omega's catch.

I would love to see all of the above happen, but any 1 of those would help. I keep a few fish a year for the table, my kids love 'em, me, I'd rather catch them than eat them. I want to know that people long after I'm gone have the chance to catch them as well.
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