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Ok this one is a little bit different.

Its a Poetry contest.
Fishing related. Must be original.
Fishing theme
The words stripers247 must appear somewhere.
Must be at least 3 stanzas long or 12 lines.
Anybody is eligible to enter.
Doesnt matter if it sucks.
Prize for the worst and the 3 best.
Will be voted on by the staff at conclusion of the contest.
First prize is a Penn 710 greenie. Second and third prizes are Mr. Wiggly plugs.

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returns are bright red
and the bouys are green
stripers247 is the
best forum I've seen
we dont have that drama
with the flamers and egos
they belong on the other boards
with the rest of the yahoos
So when im not an online bore
Im off to the sea shore
With my rod in my hand
and my reel that costs half a grand
to far away places in search of a stripah
a lake is just fine where I'd catch a wipah

This poem it sucks big time
It really dont even rhyme
It doesnt swim like a darter
but its written as a starter

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heres one from captain Gus. thumbsup.gif

"A Visit From Captain Gus"
"Twas the night before fishing, and all through the lake
Not a creature was stirring, not even a snake;
The poles were stuck in the rod holders with care,
In hopes that a big fish would soon be there;
The kids were nestled all snug in the vessel,
While dreaming of fishes they soon would wrestle;
And mamma in her winter duds and I in my fishing hat,
Had just settled down on our watery mat,
When out on the lake there arose such a clatter,
I sprang to my feet to see what was the matter.
I flew to the stern where I saw a big splash, and
Before I knew it, I heard a big crash.
The moon on the breast of the water below
Gave a luster of silver and made everything glow,
When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a miniature boat pulled by eight tiny fish, or were they reindeer?
With a tall old driver, so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment it must be a trick.
More rapid than bonefish his coursers they came,
And he tooted and shouted, and called them by name;
"Now, Bass! Now, Trout! Now, Bream and Flathead, too!
On, Striper247! On Perch! On Crappie and Blue!
To the top of the dam! To the head of the falls!
Now swim away! Swim away! Swim away all!"
As waves that before the wild hurricane fly,
When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky,
So up to our vessel the coursers they flew,
With a boat load of fish and Captain Gus, too.
And then, in a twinkling, I heard with a swish
The flipping and flopping of each little fish.
As I drew in my hand, and was turning around,
Down the mast came Captain Gus with a bound.
He was dressed in Red Gore-Tex, from his head to his toe,
And his clothes were all smelly from scales and minnows;
A box full of tackle he carried on his back,
And he looked like a fish peddler just opening his pack.
His eyes-they looked fishy! His dimples how merry!
His cheeks were like redfish, his nose
like a cherry!
His droll little mouth was bowed like a rod,
And the beard on his chin was as white as a cod (fish).
The end of a fishing line he held tight in his teeth,
And the smoke from the motor encircled his head like a wreath;
He had a narrow face and a flat little belly,
It didn't shake much like a bowl full of jelly.
He wasn't chubby and plump, just a tall old elf,
That made me laugh when I saw him, in spite of myself;
A fishing rod in hand and a twist of his head,
Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread;
He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
And filled all the stringers; then turned with a jerk,
And laying his finger aside of his nose,
And giving a nod, up the mast he rose;
He jumped in his boat, to his team gave a whistle,
And away they all swam with the speed of a missile.
But I heard him exclaim ere he drove out of sight,
"Good Fishing to all, and to all a good-night."

Captain Gus Gustafson of Lake Norman Ventures, Inc. is a full time
Professional Fishing Guide on Lake Norman, NC. Visit his web site, Fishin' With Gus! at, or call 704- 617- 6812. For additional
information, e-mail him at [email protected].

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One from me !!

Long winter nights and cold winter days
Thought of busting bunker cutting through haze
Drags clicking and the smell of salty fresh air
The boys on stripers 247 assure we?re almost there

Boxes to fill, just what kind of line?
Checking the site a minute and I?ll be fine
Braid or Mono so many choices, checking the site is like hearing voices

Like Paul revere up and down the coast
There on the move let?s make the most
Reports are in Jims wetting a line, before I know its Rhode Islands time

That winter was short it went really fast
Just chatting and talking about the endless cast
With friends all over with on thing in mind
Checking 247 is not just passing time.

Dreaming of a 50 but a 30 will do
I gotta post this picture and I?ll be through
Summer and winter it doesn?t really matter
Stripers 247 is year round fishing that matters.


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With a topped off tank and bait in the well
Umbrellas and spoons ring the dinner bell
I head out the river and into the bay
The majestic rockfish is the prey of the day

A big ole cow would be a slice of heaven
Revered by many at Stripers247
But I?m not greedy at least not today
Cause I know all too well she?ll have her say

Fished all day and into the night
Maybe tomorrow with good luck she will bite
I did my best to meet the test
As fait would have it, you know the rest

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Stripers 247

Day and Night
days and weeks
months and years
We fish like nuts

sometimes we get them
sometimes we don't
sometimes their big
sometimes their little
Sometimes nothing at all

we go off the land
we go off the water
we meet other fisherman
some we see again
some we never see again

doesn't really matter
we injoy the air
injoy the water
injoy the people
injoy the fish
and thats what it's all about.

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I'm a poet and you'll never know it

I got an email from Striper Jim
He's sniffing his armpit, smells like a fish fin.
Said if I'd send a poem to this site
Could win a new reel to catch a good bite.

Stripers247 could be striper heaven
Lots of advice and photo's times seven
Sometimes I log in and join the forum
other times I lurk, and try to ignore 'em

I haven't caught a striper yet
hope to soon, but won't put down a bet
Have caught some hybrid dinks
You all would call them sub-schoolies, man that stinks!

Had one guy from another forum
call them bait, crushed my decorum
I was all puffed up, pounding my chest
"King of the Dinks, I am the Best!"

Well, I'm over my limit
Too many lines
No ODNR ranger in sight
too many stanzas
too little rhymes

Hope to win, but if I don't
Thanks for bringing out the Poet,
Better to say you'll try,
Than WON'T!

God Bless, Jim, thanks for a fun contest!
Snow, 18 degrees, in not so sunny Cincinnati, OH!

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New to the East like a rising sun
Waves at my knees waiting for a run
Like a virgin I posture with rod in hand
dreaming of the day I bring her to land

A cow I am stalking, it's stripers 24/7
my mind can't forgive me of all I've been planning
This isn't some mackeral or other weak fishes
It is the most divine of all the sea dishes.

Up and down the coast the rockfish roam
looking for food and place to call home
like me they search and need more time
to send out a message, drop down a line.

Maybe this inlet, or perhaps that riptide
As the sun getting higher I change one more time
I'll put on this popper, or maybe this Jig
with a little strip of squid, might just be the thing

Oh please, oh please let this be the cast
I don't mean to sounds desperate but I need a catch
I never brought home a Striped Bass of my own
Maybe it's best I just left them alone.

No, no, no I can not succumb
again and again I wade deep in the foam
I'll try to again next week, I must be too green
surely these fish must be laughing at me.

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Very loosely based poem on an old joke, "is there baseball in heaven" which in itself was not a poem and was much shorter and completely different.

Is there Fishing in Heaven?

The sun started to set on two old men
Whose lives were closer to over then to when they began.

Ralph and Murray were best friends you see,
And they?ve been fishing once a week since they were three.

Of all the fish it was stripers they sought,
And in their long lives many a good battle was fought.

On this particular evening the two made a pact,
If one of them died, he would promise to come back.

For above all else there was something they had to know.
Was there fishing in heaven? Can we fish where we go?

And with one single handshake the deal had been made,
And they packed up their gear as the light began to fade.

Within two weeks time Murray had died,
Now Ralph fished alone while he quietly cried.

Week after week this routine would go on,
It was almost a year since Murray had gone.

But each day that Ralph fished, he still hoped and prayed,
That Murray would hold true to the pact they had made.

As fate would have it, Murray came back one day,
And he said, "dear Ralph I have something to say."

?It is so good to see you!?, Ralph said with a smile.
"I have been sitting here fishing for such a long while."

?Well I kept my promise?, Murray said with a grin,
?So please take a seat and let me begin.?

?I have good news and bad news for you my dear friend,
And your aching curiosity I soon will mend.?

?The good news Ralph is, yes, there is fishing in heaven,
the bad news is, starting tomorrow, you?ll be fishing stripers 24/7.?

The original joke goes something like this.

Jack and John, two life long friends and baseball fanatics make a pact that if one should die first, he will come back and let the other know if there is infact basball in heaven. Not long after John dies. A few weeks go by and he comes back from the dead as promised. Jack asks him, so is there, is there baseball in heaven??? John says well Jack, I have good news and bad news. The good news is YES!, there is baseball in heaven, the bad news is your pitching next Tuesday.

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grew up on the water
fished every day
got a bit older
change came my way
was heading for bottom
made some mistakes
was falling real fast
and needed a change
an uncle and friend
stepped into my life
took me out fishing
the timing just right
an old love returned
im glad i could see
i missed all that time
the water and me
instead of rock bottom
im fishing the shores
hunting for stripers
is there much more?
my addiction for fishing
is better for me
im not alone
this much i can see
my piece of heaven
like minded people
surf stripers 2 4 7.

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Poetry Contest

"Stripers Twenty Four Seven"

It?s February 2nd and I?m in water up to my hips
There?d been reports of stripers in the surf and the rips
It?s sixty two degrees with no wind or a cloud
I?m thinking and praying and hoping out loud

Nothing all season, but today may be the day
With a change of luck things start going my way
Surf fishing in February, how good does it get?
Only a cow that fills every square inch of my net

A man and a dog out for a walk
Stop by to exchange a little fish talk
He and I agree my chances are slim
But he understands my passion within

As the sun begins to set over the Delaware Bay
I pause and gave thanks for a beautiful day
Packing my gear and still not believing my luck
Wondering how to get this fifty pound cow back to my truck

As I struggle to drag my prize fish through the sand
I felt someone reach out and give me a hand
When I turned to say thanks I saw no one there
This helping hand was as thin as the air

I realized this day was a blessing for sure
The weather, the beach, the striper, the lure
Looking down at my fish then looking up toward the heaven
I pointed and shouted ?STRIPERS TWENTY FOUR SEVEN?!

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If you want to catch old linesides, you don't have to wish--
At Stripers247, you get the dish on fish.
You'll hear about plugs, from guys who are pluggin'
and learn the techniques for crankin' and chuggin'.

At Stripers247, you get the deesh on feesh,
what they bite and when to catch them in a boat or on the beach,
from fellas who would never mug your spot on the marina
but might enjoy a cold one later at the pier cantina.

So if you're keen to catch rockfish, either boatin' or beachin',
the knowledge you're seekin's not too far out of reachin'.
Tip your hat to those who help you on your way to striper heaven--
String your line and choose your tackle with the help of Stripers247.

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I think about stripers

I think about stripers
The day I bang that Fifty
I'll be fat in fish heaven

Bang it on a Clammie,
Or some Rubber, or some Wood,
Eelies or a bucktail
Who cares, it's all good

Bang it from a jetty
or a beach
or from a boat

Bang it with some buddies
or Pauly Oats

When the fishies take control,
of what's left of your brain,
every day without a fish,
causes me some mental strain

And if I want to catch a fish,
I'll need a brand new reel,
but if I buy another one,
my Wife, I'll never feel

So help me!
Fishing website Gods!
Can I get an AMEN!

And send to me
a brand new toy,
Something green that says Penn

There, that's over, you can stop reading now.....


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It's four in the morn.
headin out the front door,
seem's like a dream
but done it before.

Hot cup of joe and waders in tow,
12' rod and a bucket of bait,
Man, I can't wait.

The surf is a calling
screaming to shore,
waste deep in the sud's
This is so pure.

How will I do?
can't say for sure,
But i've got the Man from heaven
and stipers 247,
Who could ask for more?

With the sun just a peekin
and not a soul in site
Man, this is life.... just right.


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?Bass Quest?

We have been cast by Striper Jim to come up with some rhymes
about our favorite pastime.

With our nets and tackle boxes in tow, we head to the surf in search of that 60lb. cow
or cast our lures for schoolies from over the bow.

We search for rockfish to turn into a tasty cuisine
to feed our families and maybe a wife named Catherine.

We are treasure hunters at best, whose tools are rod and reel,
our golden egg is a full creel.

Whether your name is Sara Adam Laura or Kevin,
Striper Twenty-Four Seven
is a dot com sent from linesider heaven.

It doesn?t hurt to offer a Penn 710 greenie
To get a response from a newbie


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re: an original poem ?

The sunny sky falls
And then comes my fight .
fishing pure dark wil shurly
test might.

Six miles one way
Six miles back
Ill fish the whole
thing or until
the sunn cracks

I do it all spring
summer and fall
is were i learned it

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Mornin' boss, I got terrible news
I'm callin in, I got the fishing blues
I've had perfect attendance what else can I say
Hey! It's the middle of May, I'm takin a day

Been workin all winter, nuthin better to do
stressin out to meet deadlines just for you.
And remember those late nights without overtime pay?
Like I mentioned before, I'm taking a day

I'm always considerate hate to call in short notice
you gotta do what you gotta do, I think you know this.
It's Spring now, water temps are on the rise
I did this last year, it shouldn't be a surprise.

I'm sure your upset but don't talk please listen
I'm telling you now, I'm on a mission
For this is the year I'm gonna catch the big one
this is the year I'm gonna have my fun

Been waiting six months for this time to arrive
six months without fishing? how did I survive
I planned this day for when fishing is prime
But the season is long and I got lots of sick time

I've loaded the boat, my rigs ready for towin
I'm playin the tides, sorry boss gotta get goin
Remember! We live, we die and hope to go to heaven
But until our day we've got Stripers247

Lifes too short, gotta do what you feel
Like think up poems to win a reel.

AL :cheers:

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There once was man from Nantucket....
(easy boys this is a family site)
With a rod that was a pleasure to chuck it...
He said as he cast, that he was having a blast
Then he pulled a live bunker from his bucket..

There were big foamy waves on the beach....
And flocks of birds working - just out of reach...
he resisited the urge, then waited for a surge,
and lowered the bait to swim down deep.

On his watch it was well past eleven...
There had to be fish here, he read it on Stripers 247
When the 50 pounder hit he said "Holy...(cow)"
That web site was sent here from Heaven.

Well this limerick, it really is bad...
I can't tell you what a good time I've had
If you made to here, you deserve a cold beer
I just can't wait to go live line a shad.

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That Day?

It started out a beautiful day
The three of us were on our way

To the local lake where we would slay
The Striped Bass, that beautiful day

Three generations in that small boat
The smallest one we saw afloat

We baited hooks and let them down
The singing drag was an awesome sound

The youngest of this group of three
Filled the live well beneath me

Now, dreaming of Stripers 24/7
Takes that young boy to Striper heaven.

Reliving the memories of that day
Help ease the pain since dad passed away

I thank the man for that fine day
It was the greatest time in every way.

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Three days to go.
In 72 more hours we?ll go.
Fishin? through the Internet,
for the right jig to throw

Dreaming of heaven,
mist upon cool heaven.
Fillin? my days,
surfin? on Stipers247

Saturday slow to come,
our weekend dream to come,
we watch the clock tic
backwards for some.

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