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Fishing Community ideas. What are yours ?

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Having made a few mistakes in the development of this community I would like to ask some of you guys what your ideas of a decent web community. Its fairly obvious that most communities are a reflection of its moderators and frequent posters. My personal feelings are that our moderators are terrific. They are everything that you would like to see a moderator be on a site. Extremely knowledgeable, informative, patient and funny. We have been lucky enough up to this point to attract some great fishermen who are willing to share stories and information. Our goal is to strive to be bigger and better. Not to compete with other communities. They all have their place. In the past I have been and still am a member of a few other web sites but these days I concentrate most of my online energies here to try to make this site one we can all be proud members of. Ive alienated a few other web owners in a few different ways. But Oh well. Live and learn. We have exchanged links with some and have very good relationships with several. On others I havent been welcomed or treated very well for a few different reasons and one or two my own fault. But I digress.
There are different things we can do to make the site better. What are some things that you guys would like to see. If any?
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I, for one, learned over time, that alot of the other "established" message boards were just that....already established. Over the past several years, I had always wanted to see another emerge, one for those of us who really dont take things so seriously, like others do. That's when Jim came along :)

I grew increasingly tired of peoples ego's when it came to fishing. Fishing for me is first and foremost, FUN. It is MAJOR part of my life, but I do not take it to extremes. I have communicated with people over the years who, in my opinion, make fishing UN-fun lol. My brother Donny always sarcastically said...."Everyone's a champion". HAHA.

In the minds of some people, their formulas, rules, policies, and ideas are the only "right" way to do things. I on the other hand, disagree thoroughly. I think a community starts with help from ALL angles and sides of the spectrum. The good, the great, young and old, newbies and graybeards...etc..

I just like the idea of a more relaxed atmosphere, one free of gangs, cliques, and posse's lol. I've seen people on other boards (myself included), hoarded and attacked by groups of people. All the while, the "Staff" does nothing. Never mind stop it, they dont even discourage it. Sometimes they actually even take part! To me, that is not conducive to a welcoming community. I vowed with every fiber of my being that I would not allow that to happen here.

A good community to me, starts at the bottom. Nowhere else. And I firmly believe we have a great base here. Like Jim, I still visit a few other boards. Of the several others I know about, I have boycotted one, and I refuse to even give them a hit on their site. Another one I still post on weekly because I know several people, and communicate with others, and they are great people who I wish to maintain communication with. And there is 2 others visit bi-weekly or more just to see how things are going. But for me, here is home.

I think alot of people will come by here and see how much different it is to be a member of this board, and I think they will like it. The day Stripers247 has a particular forum that members are actually afraid to go into and avoid at all costs because of fear of being attacked lol, is the day we take this board down HAHAHA :lol: And that'll never happen.

If I missed any words or mispelled anything, I apologize.....I type extremely fast, plus I am watching my Christmas Tree coral grow in the fish tank lol 8)

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I like it here!

I also visit a few other sites that are restricted to local fisheries here in VA, but this site is setup just fine and we have a bunch of good folks here both new and seasoned. Jim has also given us some options on forums to post in and that has also made for some lively topics. That's what it takes to make the board interesting! New people. New topics. Thanks, Jim. You have done a great job.
I also think the site is fine the way it is. when and if something needs changing, it usually gets changed.

I myself only visit the RISAA site and that has no this is it for me, dedicated to stripers247.

I dont have time for any more sites anyway, no time now, wait till the season starts hahaha.

when i get my boat, i'm going to have to get me a laptop just to post reports. Live Briggs Cam? hahaha

good work to Jim, Jonny and everyone else who put forth the effort to make this one great site.

:twisted: craig aka briggs :twisted:

aka surfcastermaster

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Wow,I guess that we all have been through the same jungle.....

I too visit other sites (some more than others) I have a good friend that runs a site and I post there often, I even made a fishing video for one sight,I still visit that sight ,but rarely post there anymore, too many big egos and wise guys,I like you guys, have been attacked's no fun....
I take my fishing very seriously,but I like to have a good laugh when I fish(even if it is at my own expense), but have learned that sharing info and helping others is a surefire way to get something back,your never too old or too seasoned to learn may not be a big thing, but, maybe that little tid bit will put a bend in my rod one night (or day) when all seems lost.

The first thing i noticed when I first clicked on this site was the relaxed attitude of the moderators, it runs right down to the posters, there seems to be no big ego's here, everyone just enjoying talkin fishin!
Keep up the good work guys and I'll do my part to help when I can...

Joe AKA Roccus
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The thing that I love so much about this site is the fact that I can talk fishing with a great buncha guys...

At home I think if I mention fishing one more time, I'm gonna be sleeping in the backyard...HAHA
...So its nice to come to a place where I can talk fishing with people who love it as much as I do...

...Fishing isn't solely about bringing home dinner...The part that I enjoy just as much as catching fish, is the rigging and studying and reading...Its great to come here and have such a massive exchange of ideas, theories and experiences...Trying new stuff is what fishing is all about, whether its that new spot or technique...and this site has given me so many new ideas and knowledge...and not to mention, allowed me to share my ideas and experiences with others...

I owe a big Thank You to everyone here, the moderators and Jim...

Never have I learned so much in such a short time...and I trully appreciate it....

(sorry if I sound sappy)
Jim are you stereotyping me now? knowledgable :lol: :lol:

Honestly I've been trying to come up with an answer and am having a hard time, I like this site the way it is. I am proud to be associated with a great bunch of guys that just love fishing and having fun, hopefully by the time the fall run is over this year I will have fished with more of you guys. Meeting new people fishing is awesome as long as thet're not axe murderers and as an added bonus you catch fish.

to quote a smart man "just my $.02"
What if we used to be Axe murderers but with deep deep counseling and a couple of "off the wagons".....we're much better now?

After all...Everyone uses and axe to clean their fish right?

:twisted: Craig aka briggs :twisted:

aka surfcastermaster


arborists rule !!!
Brandon's wife thought I was an ax murd'rah. hahaha :lol: :lol: :lol:

maybe this site. :?: :?: :lol: I keep coming back :?:
Jonny Bolt said:
Brandon's wife thought I was an ax murd'rah. hahaha :lol: :lol: :lol:
What do ya mean, thought? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hey Jim, I just wanted to thank you for letting me be a part of this site. I can't think of anything you could change, its fine the way it is. I tell everyone I know about the site and proudly display my bumpah stickahs.
Alright, alright....I chopped a few chics up, and threw tha pieces off tha trestle during an outgoing tide. So what. One snapped a St. Croix rod, and the other drank all my booze. What was I 'spossed ta do!?!?!?!?

Folks this is an idea suggestion box. If there are things you would like to see changed or added please put them here. Include criticisms but not personal ones. Some dont like the non fishing forums but the trouble is when I ask for opinions no one is interested in voting for or against them. Take a look at any poll. 14 opinions tops, out of 1300 plus members. Its up to you guys to make this place better by being active participants. The administrators and mods do their parts.
I would like to add a trolling forum. (thanx kcube icon_thumleft.gif) but to avoid clutter we may want to condense some rather than add more.
If you have a special talent or skill and would like to help make us better please let us know. The pay isnt very good at all but the coffee is decent. :wink1:
About the Trolling forum. Yes the "Trolling for Stripers" thread is huge, but there haven't been any real posts there since before the board renovation at the end of August,,, all through the fall run. Either there really isn't that much more to say on the subject, or it needs a facelift to draw more discussion to the topic. Just thinking aloud here.
Not quite 2 years later. 4400 + new members. Gunnys trolling topic about to be surpassed in views by the hottie thread. :wink1:
Merrillizer has his own forum now specific to New Hampshire area.
(Thanks for your help in the past Jon.)
2 new moderators and one staff member. Little Casino and Slow-retrieve handle the freshwater and wiper forums.
While Baitrunner monitors for spammers and troublemakers.
Gunny is now a Supermoderator along with Roccus and Sudsy.
Gunny handles the Event forums and gatherings. Master of ceremonies.
Unbelievable staff. Thanks again Gentlemen.
We still could use a moderator to handle the long Island area.
The Trail Blazers
It’s an area that’s very underdeveloped and has a touch
of industry holding it together the best they can. They
are somehow funding it with that little bit of industry.
The employees are for the area and they’re obviously
being taxed and the neighboring town holds a guide
service that’s not for profit for the reason that the marsh
needs to be maintained and they’re going unnoticed.
The loud guided airboat. Stop scaring the fish and the
wild life. 🙄

Now this place was breathtaking.

Plenty of panfish tight to the bank. They are large. As you
approach the bank they’ll scoot a little in deeper water,
An Oscar rod will do the trick. I spotted plenty of large mouth fry.

“Cane Pole Willy”

That was my grandmother sitting over there in the chair.
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