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Hey guys,

First post on the forum. Joined the site about a week ago after coming across it while doing research. Been lurkin' and learning a lot so I've been wanting to contribute something. I've been fishing for stripers for several years now as a bait guy, but I wanted more of a challenge/new hobby so I began exclusively throwing plugs about a month ago. I purchased a 10' triumph rod and a 706z reel. Absolutely love the setup. Will probably never go back to bait. Been on a couple trips so far, got one hit, couldn't set the hook, and ended up skunked both times.

Well I've learned from my mistakes, and in general learned a lot more about plugs/jigs and throwing them correctly and more efficiently. Went out tonight for some night fishing and ended up catching my first striper ever on artificials! She measured in @ 25" took a picture and was then released. Caught her on a blurple sp minnow with a siwash hook with black skirt on the tail. About an hour later I caught fish #2! Measured just under 28" and was released. The fish were loving that sp (unusual). Had several other hits with other plugs/jigs but nothing to show for it.

Successful night for myself, and I'm glad I'm finally getting somewhere throwing plugs. I hope to contribute more once I get more experience/time under my belt. Tight lines!
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