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If I may add to this Farve to the Jets discussion, I heard something on the Artie Spanier show that damn near caused me to drive off the road. He made the assinine statement that "The Jets have to be good as the Patriots now.......right?" I thought he was joking, unfortunately he was not. I'll give credit where credit's due, the moves they made should improve the team on both sides of the ball, but as good as a team that went 16-0 in the regular season last year, I think not!!!!! Farve, even at his age, is a considerable upgrade over Pennigton and I'd even agree that he's better than many QB's in the NFL. With the additions of Damion Woody and Alan Faneca to go alongside an explosive player like D'Brickshaw Ferguson, there is NO DOUBT in my mind that Farve will have plenty of protection up front. It also stands to reason that the running game, long regarded as lackluster at best, should benefit greatly. Grabbing Calvin Pace will add veteran presence to a young corps. of LB's that could spell BIG trouble for opposing QB's, RB's and TE's. The Jets were 4-12 last season, so far as Im concerned making a prediction that "They'll be better this year" isn't too far of a stretch......I sincerely doubt they'll be worse. As far as competing with the Pats for the top spot in the AFC East, I can't see it....not this year anyway. Granted, I am a bit partial cause I'm a HUGE Pats fan, but as a fan of the game, I shake my head in disbelief!!!!!!

P.S. An unknown media source today announced that the Jets have been in contact with the agent of Jets super fan 'Harry the Hard-Hatted Ass Clown' to fill the vacancy left by Jo-Jo the Idiot Circus Monkey on the Advanced Scout team. The purported deal, which was not confirmed by team officials, is said to include unlimited use of the team's practice facility, weight room and Chad pennington's personal shower, an annual base salary of $300/year and a lifetime supply of Drake's coffee cakes. Duties are said to include but not be limited to stealing signals from opposing huddles, assistant director of cheerleader personnell and development as well as the backup mascot. An announcement could come as early as today pending the completion of a physical and passing a series of drug tests. The N.Y. Jets and Harry Hard Hat will hold a joint press conference once final terms of the deal are agreed upon. :whistle:
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