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Frequently asked questions about Delaware's new fishing license fees
When will I be required to have a license to fish, crab, or clam in Delaware's tidal waters?
Jan. 1, 2008

What are my options when purchasing licenses? The following are options available to anglers:
 Resident annual fishing license - $8.50
 Non-resident annual fishing license - $20.00
 7-day tourist fishing license - $12.50
 Charter boat license (vessel hired on a per trip basis) - $150 for Residents/$300 Non-Resident
 Head boat license (vessel hired on a per person basis) - $300 Resident/$600 Non- Resident
 Recreational Boat license less than 20'- $40 - Same cost for Residents and Non-Residents.
 Recreational Boat license longer than 20'- $50 - Same cost for Residents and Non-Residents.
NOTE: A license is required in all waters to fish, clam or crab.
At what age do I need a license? Residents age 16 to 64 inclusive, and non-residents 16 and older, need a license.
Will I need both a boat fishing license and a general fishing license? No, you will need one or the other not both, depending on individual circumstances.

Stock Survey and reward tags

Striped bass reduce feeding during spawning season:
Although striped bass are known as voracious feeders, they seem to eat little in the period before they spawn. A good example is seen in the picture in the file. She (the really big ones are usually females) is the largest striped bass ever caught during DDFW striped bass spawning
stock sampling (54.8 lbs). Despite her record size, gastric lavage showed her stomach was empty. She was then tagged and released unharmed.

Age and Growth
Fish Scales tell a story
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