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Dave?s Baby Bunker?: An Easy Tie For Beginners

Link May 2004


This fly, which stretches the definition more than somewhat, while time consuming, is simple to tie given the proper materials, a modicum of patience, and attention to details the prime directive for successful fly fishing. Also, a great ego booster because it looks as if the tie is complicated.

Heres the formula for Daves Baby Bunker fly:

1. Despite Daves prejudice in favor of short shanks on his hooks, you will need a long shank for this tie. The length of shank depends upon the length of fly wanted.

2. Acquire, any way you can, even if you have to buy one, a box of oversized pins with ringed eyes. You will need one from the hinged tail.

3. Place in vise and tie on tail of marabou, krystal flash and fish hair. Use pastel shades and make no attempt to separate materials. In other words, have fun with this step.

4. Whip finish and cement. A bit of magic glue helps, but don?t get any in the eye, because it adds an unnecessary step that will not improve your vocabulary. Cut wire behind last tie of material.

5. Place hook in vise and add a base of thread ? white, please. Tie on a length of narrow gauge, braided wire leader. Pass end through eye of pin and lash back on shank of hook. It helps to flatten the wire where it is lashed to hook. Magic glue thread wraps. Leave just enough loop in wire to allow the tail to hinge freely.

6. Dub some red fur or substitute behind eye of hook. Leave plenty of space behind eye. Cut thread after whip finish.

7. Tie thread at bend of hook.

8. Corsair about 5 mm in diameter is placed over shank and tied down at bend. Tie down behind eye. Whip finish both ties. Cut thread at eye and retie at bend. Color corsair with magic marker, your choice of color.

9. Corsair about 1 mm is now placed over previous Corsair and tied down at bend.

10. Now, tie down behind eye, pushing material back to ensure a plumper body.

11. Trim a piece of evasote about 5 cm wide and 1 cm in thickness. Tie down at bend of hook. Flat side down, of course. Allow a bit to extend over hinge. Tie down at eye of hook. Stretch a bit to force down the Corsair to form a rounded belly.

12. Glue on doll eyes and you have finished your Baby Bunker. If you feel artistic, get some pastel magic markers and check a menhaden?s color photo. One of the best references to native baits is Alan Caolos handbook on the subject.

Take note: The judicious use of magic glue is recommended. The fly is practically indestructible Dave emphasizes, Practically.

On another note, no bluefish need apply, but if they're around they will enjoy chomping on the Baby Bunker. What they dont damage gets caught in their teeth, says Dave.

Removing this fly also increases your descriptive vocabulary, according to Dave, and he suggests, because of the hinged tail, the Baby Bunker lends itself well to down stream (oops! Dave meant down tide) and mending wet fly swings. Dave insists, Go fish!

[email protected].
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