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That kind of success has been par for the course along the coast of late, with charters hitting early limits just about every day on the water. Jim Smith said Monday was incredible, with 31 limits of striped bass to 30 pounds, five halibut to 25 pounds and a 43-pound soupfin shark. On Sunday, Smith brought in 21 salmon and 21 bass on a potluck trip. He mentioned that, though there is a tremendous amount of bait fish and fish in general, the sloppy weather is not for small boats. Fishing should continue strong through the weekend.

Jim Smith also had the Happy Hooker out near Pacifica, and has been consistently pulling in limits on striped bass. Smith reported 19 limits of bass for his 19 anglers Thursday, including a 35-pound bass caught by Charlie Packett of Pleasant Hill. Smith also had eight halibut come in that day. Sunday saw 29 anglers bring in 54 bass. Tuesday was another big day, with 16 anglers netting 32 limits of bass and a halibut. Then, on Wednesday, 22 anglers nearly caught their bass limits by 10:30 a.m., as well as a 35-pound halibut. Smith said that things have been wide open every day in the ocean from Lindemar all the way to Seal Rocks.

Potluck trips have been mainly concentrating in the ocean and getting limits of stripped bass on the San Mateo coast and picking up a few halibut. The largest bass landed has come in at 31 pounds, with the largest halibut at 20 pounds.
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