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Cameron Reservoir #3 (Northwest Region)
Information: (816) 675-2205 or (816) 271-3100
This 96-acre lake is located just west of Cameron in DeKalb County, and is the northernmost of the City of Cameron's three older drinking water reservoirs. Mid-lake bubblers prevent this lake from stratifying during the summer and help to maintain good water quality year round. Recent surveys reveal a wide variety of fishing opportunities for many different types of anglers. Catfish anglers can expect many channel catfish from 12-16" in length. Flathead catfish are an underutilized resource in the lake. They are regularly captured during surveys from 25-32"in length, with a few individuals reaching sizes of 40+ inches and 40+ pounds! Hybrid stripers commonly reach lengths of 15-24", with a few individuals reaching sizes of 10 or more pounds. Many crappie ranging in size from 7-9" and a few from 11-14" can be found in the spring and fall. Largemouth bass show good overall growth and sizes ranging from 12-20". Largemouth bass must be a minimum of 15" (limit 6) and hybrid stripers must be a minimum of 20" (limit 4) to be harvested from this lake. This summer we added nine artificial habitat structures to the lake as part of a combined MDC and Eagle Scout project. They are located off access areas along the southwest shoreline in 7-8 foot of water. Cameron #3 is an electric motor only lake.
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