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I am about half way through reading the book "The Art of Surfcasting with Lures" by Zeno Hromin. Very informative and enlightening. I've learned a lot already just from reading it...which of course has no applied practical experience but I am working on that.

2 things. Have any of you read this book and what are your thoughts on it

And what books have you read and/or would recommend?
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I read the book thought it was great have never caught a striper on a plug yet!!....LOL!!! (havent been out there much, hopefully this year!!)
Striper Surf by Frank Daignault

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Fishing With Bucktails By Doc Muller
Inshore Fly fishing by Lou Tabory
The surfcasters Guide to Baits, Rigs and Lures by Milt Rosko
The Striped Bass Book by Milt Rosko
The Ultimate Guide to Surfcasting By Arra and Garfield
Striped Bass By Lyman Woolner
Striper Wars By Dick Russell
Night Tides BY Micheal G. Cinquemani
On the Run By David DiBenedetto
The Moon Pulled up an Acre Of Bass By Peter Kaminsky
Men's Lives By Peter Mattiessen

A few of these books are more along the lines of a memoir. I highly suggest that you read Striper wars to get an idea of the history of striper conservation.
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Haven't read that one yet but I would also recommend Kenny Abrames Striper Moon.
Perhaps we should start a book club of sorts:icon_stirthepot:?
I've a few I could swap off / exchange with someone.
Just picked up 'The Surfcasters Guide to the Striper Coast' by DJ Muller and 'Inshore Fly Fishing' by Lou Tabory.
Just picked up 'The Surfcasters Guide to the Striper Coast' by DJ Muller and 'Inshore Fly Fishing' by Lou Tabory.
The best part of the Tabory book is his discussion on reading the water.
"Coastal Fishing in the Carolinas: From Surf, Pier, & Jetty", Third Edition, by Robert J. Goldstein
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