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Boaters: Important Read !!!

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Be very careful when fueling your boat. The gas your are pumping for a day of fishing may cost you thousands of $ if it contains too much ethanol. The USEPA recently waived a limitation on selling fuel containing more then 10% ethanol. The waiver allows the sale of fuel containing up to 15% (E15). So be careful at the pumps.
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Links for "E" free gas in your state :
Marlboro Yacht Club now has Non Ethanol 91 Octane available to all boaters on the river. Right now it's limited to having a member present to assist in fueling and taking payment. We expect to be in full operation of a self serve 24/7 pump approximately May 1st. All are welcome, and tight lines.
My father would drop me off. All I would do is whine
and complain. I wasn’t strong enough to do this type
of fishing. For the next two days captain senior was
my baby sitter.

I‘m at the rail listening to the generator hum and the
rock of the ship. I start dosing off. The baccala gives
me a bump in the arm and wakes me up. ONE ON!!

I need a charter late next week. What do you have available?

The next open spot we have is in September.
The weekends are booked solid.
Go ahead, go for it. Let me know what you see.

I bought that bike.
I bought that bike used.
I paid $300 dollars for that bike.
I don’t know about you but to me $300 is a lot of money.
I thank god everyday I can ride that bike.
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