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FRIDAY 10-7-05; The weather has not been good at all down here for fishing. We cancelled Thursday and Friday's trips. We thought we would be able to do Saturday's trip, but that has not materalized either. We had to cancel that one also. Hopefully things will settle down next week and we can get back out. If it doesn't quit raining so much we are going to have to restock the ocean with freshwater fish. When things do settle down and get back to normal all you spot fishermen and fisherwomen need to get ready. I don't think it will be much longer till the spots are here. There have already been a few caught off the piers, but the fall run is not happening yet, but it is time. The king Mackeral bite should be on in full swing. As long as the water temps. stay in the 70 degree range, the king bite should remain hot. It was getting started good then the wind shifted to the EAST, and that was the end of that. When the NNE winds return or other winds that are not out of the EAST, and not blowing 40+ knots is all it should take!!!! The Gulfstream bite should be good also, it is time!!! We did go out and mess around in the Cape Fear River Wednesday, all we managed was a few small croakers and pig fish and one nice grey trout. We looked at the ocean side and it was one of the few times I have ever seen the river water cleaner than the ocean. The winds have really got the water stirred up. Yes, I know, it is depressing, and I hate to report such negative results. But it is getting that time of year when things start to change in a hurry which means it can also settle down and clean up just as fast as it dirtyed up and most likely it will. I was going to say that you could fish the river and creeks but everything down here has flooded today, so, don't look for them to be very good fishing until all this flood water gets out of here. It sounds much worse than it really is. If these fronts get out of here, give it a couple days and the fishing will start up again. I am predicting things to be getting back on track by the middle of next week, hope I am right. Don't forget about the fishing school at VECTOR MARINE in Wilmington, NC on FEBRUARY 25th. If you haven't already, call Gary at(910)452-6378 or email [email protected] for more info. and get signed up. Capt. Chris and I will be there and would be honored to try to help you out if you have some areas you are not sure about. If we don't know the answer to some of your questions, there will be a host of captains there, I am sure one of them will be able to help out. Also, we will be teahing rigging techniques at rigging stations. You will be doing "hands on" rigging and will be able to keep the rigs you make!!! The PIG PICKIN' and just being able to talk fishing is worth the price of admission alone, but, don't wait, seating is limited and subject to fill up fast. Let's all try not to go insane until this weather lays out, and if I can help you out in any way, if you have a question, just want to talk fishing, or have a suggestion, be sure to give me a call or email me [email protected] Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt. Butch Foster, Capt. Chris Foster, and Bodie (the fish dog) says HI.!!! YEAH RIGHT CHARTERS, SOUTHPORT, NC (910)845-2004.
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