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by Craig Ritchie

New product introductions continue as iCAST, the world's largest fishing tackle trade show, runs through its second day.

Daiwa Ballistic LT

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Daiwa's all-new Ballistic LT series of spinning reels were created to be lighter in weight yet stronger in build, while utilizing a more compact overall design. The strength of the Zaion housing gives the reels their name, with LT standing for Light and Tough. An A7075 aircraft-grade aluminum Digigear provides smoothness and durability while a Magsealed main shaft protects against water and debris intrusion. With models from 1000 to 6000 size, the Ballistic LT is ideal for freshwater, inshore and light saltwater applications. MSRP ranges from $229.99 to $249.99 depending on size.

Quarrow Digital Scale

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Quarrow's new digital fish scale features an extremely compact design that lets it fit anywhere – even in a fishing vest pocket. Measuring just 4 inches by 2.2 inches by 1 inch deep, it can weigh fish of up to 50 pounds, displaying weights in pounds, kilograms, ounces or grams. The green back-lit screen is easy to see in any lighting, and its stainless steel hook resists corrosion for long life. MSRP is $16.99.

Head Hunter Magnum

Fish Tail Electric blue Surface lure Window

The double-jointed Head Hunter Magnum from Livingston Lures is an all-new muskie and pike lure that combines the slow-swimming action of a swim bait with the vibration of a shallow crankbait. With its natural action, slow sink rate and EBS technology that mimics the sounds of real baitfish, and the Head Hunter Magnum should attract some fresh water monsters. MSRP is $22.99

Shimano Sustain C4000/5000

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Shimano continues to update its acclaimed Sustain line of spinning reels with new C4000/5000 models built for heavy freshwater and general saltwater use. Now incorporating Shimano's Hagane gear technology and body design, and X-Protect, both feature a fast 6.2:1 retrieve ratio that allows the 4000 to retrieve 39 inches of line with each turn of the handle, while the larger 5000 brings in 41 inches per turn. MSRP is $309.99.

Super Snip

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The Super Snip from Boomerange Tools combines three essential fishing tools into one compact unit. Its powerful 40 milliwatt UV light charges glow-in-the-dark jig heads quickly, while an integral hook eye cleaner rids jig head eyes of paint debris. The long blade snip easily cuts fluorocarbon, braid and monofilament lines cleanly. It even has a 36-inch retractable tether to keep the Super Snip close at hand and protected against loss. MSRP is $19.99

Bobbin' Frog

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Designed to accurately mimic the appearance and action of a small frog making its way across the water surface, the Bobbin' Frog from Chasebaits Australia measures just 1.57 inches long, but attracts the attention of big fish with its natural bobbing action that looks just like a small frog pushing its way along. Natural kicking legs and paddling arms work together to accurately mimic a real frog's movements. The body material is super-tough and the weedless hook positioned to avoid fouling vegetation while still providing solid hooking power. MSRP is $6.29.

Lew's Hyper Mag SLP

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The new TLH1SH Hyper Mag SLP from Lew's is a premium 11-bearing reel with Lew's lowest profile design yet. An innovative, machined aluminum spool handles lighter lines and lures without sacrificing power and performance, while a one-piece magnesium frame with C45 carbon side plates keeps total weight down to just 5.4 ounces. It even features a 95mm carbon fiber handle with Winn Dri-Tac knobs. MSRP is $299.99

Berkley Juke

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The Berkley Juke combines the action of handcrafted wooden baits with the durability of synthetics. Designed with input from master angler David Fritts, the Juke casts like a bullet while delivering maximum action at all speeds on straight retrieves, twitching retrieves, high-speed burns or deep trolling. Available in a wide range of colors, the Juke is described by Fritts as a "dream bait." MSRP is $7.99.

Sportfisher II Moonphase

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The new Sportfisher II Moonphase titanium watch from Hook & Gaff uses a custom Swiss quartz movement to display time, date and moon phase. Said to offer "the best graphical representation of the passage of time, compared to the standard watch with more precise hands and numbers," the Sportfisher II Moonphase places the winding crown on the left-hand side to avoid irritation while fishing. Its titanium case is corrosion and water-resistant, in addition to being a poor conductor of heat during those warm days out on the open water. MSRP is $650 with the standard woven strap, and $745 for hand-stitched leather.

Yakima 4-Inch Mag Lip

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Yakima Baits made a lot of salmon and steelhead anglers happy with the release of a new four-inch Mag Lip trolling plug. Also billed as an effective lure for lake trout and walleye, the new four-inch model features the unique darting "skip beat" action with an added ability to dive to depths of 16 to 18 feet. The lure can handle speeds or currents of up to 4.0 mph without turning over. Available in 30 colors, each Mag Lip 4.0 features a durable UV overcoat to increase its visibility in low light and off-colored water. MSRP n/a.
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