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Bring it straight out to the garbage can now
Do not stop, do not hesitate.

The worst God awful stuff to ever hit a Walmart shelf. Too stiff, too brittle, too much memory.............. If it has even one redeeming quality I'll be damned if I know what it is.

When the stuff first came out I spooled two reels with it to take with me on a family Florida vacation. I only had two afternoons to fish and needed to make the most of them.
I was fishing live shrimp off a pier behind Manasota key. Had 3 or 4 fish on, everyone broke off - not at the knot. Had quite a few hits, most of which snapped the line as though it was made of spun glass.
The garbage completely ruined the trip for me.

If you search the web you'll find that my story is far from unique
Well, at least it's expensive!
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