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Hi everyone. I just got some of this (the 50#). This stuff is realllly stiff, has a memory like an elephant and is just giving me trouble. I've tried tying 4 different knots with it and it seems like it's impossible to get a good tight knot with it. I can snell a hook with it no problem, but tying up to the swivels with it is a real issue. It's so stiff that my knots look pretty loose.

Can anyone give me a good knot to use that will be easier to tie with this stuff? I've tried the palomar, uni-knot, trilene, and improved clinch knot. Got the line wet of course, etc. I don't have any line conditioner. Is there one that will be easier to tie with this material? I don't want to throw it away..just yet.
Throw that stuff in the trash its junk!!:iagree:
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