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Hello. I am a saltwater fishing beginner. I am usually fishing on Robert Moses (Long Island) bay and open ocean from the shore. Here is what I have - 7' Penn Battle II with Penn Battle II 4000, 10' Penn Fierce with Penn Fierce 8000, 11' Tsunami TSTSS1102H with Penn Fierce 8000 and those which I never used - 12' Shakespeare Alpha, Tackle Industries 8'6 extra heavy, South Bend Condor 585 reel. I usually use 11' for bait fishing with clams or bunkers and spin with 10' and Marathon Diamond Jig with Latex Tail as a lure, all of my rods have 30lb power pro braids and I used 20lb Seaguar fluorocarbon leader, I also have lots of sinkers, swivels and hooks. I just bought a 50lb power pro braid, yellow Gulp swimming mullets, 1/2oz,3/4oz,1oz,2oz bucktails, 2 Ande 50yrd spools 40lb and 50lb for leaders (I dont know if its good) and few pre-made rigs.I am wondering about the Hurricane double bottom drop made from nylon rigs, is it worth anything? So far I caught lots of blue fish (biggest one was 27" so nothing amazing), few striped bass but none takeable , lots of sea rabins and sand sharks, just with using 10 and 11 inch rods spinning and bait. Okay I think I wrote everything about me thats necessary.
Can you give me any advice? What to change or what to do? Flatties and stripers are the ones that I would mostly want to get, I never seen a porgy so it would be also nice to get it.
I really want to catch flounders and flukes, thats why I bought Battle II combo and other stuff. Do you have any suggestions what to use and what to do? I tried fishfinder rig - 3oz sinker on a three way sinker and a teaser with gulp on the hook (fin strike premade) and a twister rig with a squid strip on each hook and a 3oz sinker. I reeled very slowly with quick stops every few seconds but nothing happened. Can you learn me something? What is "the best" rig and how to make it? What to use and how to do it?
Is it possible to catch a mako or thresher shark while surfcasting in NY?
I would also like to try topwater fishing as I seen is very effective, is any of my rods good for it?
Thanks in advance for any help.
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