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Bass Pro gift cards

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I am not sure if this is okay to post here and if not feel free to remove and my apologies. But this is a good deal and I wanted to make my friends here aware of it

Anyways, check out this link

Once there you can click on "get application"

This site was started by my son and he meets with reps from major companies and he buys bulk deals and sells them on this site at steep discounts.

So the deal he has for tomorrow ( Weds ) is going to be a $25 Bass Pro gift card for $15. So if you buy 4 that $100 worth of Bass Pro stuff for only $60. It's a pretty good deal in my book. Buy 'em and use 'em as gifts or hang onto them and the next time the wife needs a stocking stuffer or Father's Day gift then you just give her this and you are all set.

I just wanted to give you guys first shot at this on Weds because they typically sell out all their items fast and I think he's only going to have 20 of these available at this time

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