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Banks, Jetties, Bridges and Piers Oh My!

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Snow shoe flounder. Preferably black back over yellow tail.
Then there’s the summer doormat or even a barn door halibut.
As for my liking the sole is the top prize. How about a turbot?
Out of all of the flatties I don’t think I ever had turbot.

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EXCITING! 🙄 The dude was stealthy. I had to edit him out.

I’m curing a disease.

$7 parking to bike ride 10 miles.

$10 parking with a packed beach and a life guard that
wants to give me an atomic wedgie and noogies. 🤓👍

$4 to a private beach with no lifeguards. I get the rod
out there with eight ounces like never thought possible.

I’m stuck in the reef and break off.

Gamakatsu 10/0 octopus been hooks.
300 pound stranded cable
300 pound swivel and swivel with snap
A cannon ball rig, 8 ounces of lead
A live line rig with a shark float 5 ounce egg sinker
A canon ball rig with a X-long heavy cable leader, 8 ounces of lead.
What I payed.
I’m crimping and cutting.
The time it take's for 3 rigs.

I‘m learning the lay of the land.
This area has a reef or rock pile and over
There is A smooth sand bottom.
What rig and what lure goes where for what reason.

I wouldn’t let him touch my fishing rods.

Do you know where I can get one? YAWN!!

Black Hole USA 10', 11', 12', 13' Surf II Regular & Heavy Surf Rod

Seigler Reels

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The guys kid that owns the tackle shop.
This area is dedicated for surf fishing.
There were tarpon swimming by yesterday.
What do you think I should do?

That’s a NY state line class record, nobody cares.

I’m waiting for it to rain.

Stop yelling at the kids.
They’re following him. Why are you following him?

The restaurant in Bushwick with squid ceviche
The Freshpond diner.
zum stamtische

I’m effen a clown.

Tell me grown adults are telling me it’s the school
and I’ll punch you right in your mouth.

Connolly‘s - I’m effen a clown.
We moved, we moved, we moved.

imposible - eemposeebeel - Who hired Richard Gee
Thats where he works now.
She a casting agent for adult films.
Hercules - Hercules - Don’t touch know we have to
put it back the way it was. You put way to much
unnecessary information in the computer. I work
at the grocery store not Nassau Space Station.
Mira ppsssppsssppssss

What is it called?
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I’m going, who’s coming with me?

We’ll do some fly fishing too.

Don’t do that. You’re not allowed to do that.

Whats the difference between kelp and sargasso?
The species of the fish.

ding dong
who go there?
open the dam door I’m ready to tare some azz up.
my brother needs a job.
im banging on the back of her head, say it, say it.
I wub yoo gurgle gurgle I wub yoo
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I like porgy fishing.
Why don’t you go?

His boat sells for over $100,000. This is what he shows me.


Maybe he was having fun with me.

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Do you think he knows what he’s doing?
Do you see the chum bag hanging over the side?
Disheveled and half homeless peeing over the side of a bridge.
The blur feature is done automatically by youtube.
There features placement is off.
It shouldn’t blur anything passing by.
Their program isn’t good at all.
They put very little thought into it.
I don’t want to be bothered.

A two handed fly rod.

He fishes for LMB and SMB with lures.
I fish for carp and catfish and dead stick bait.
He plays hockey. I play football.
He’s a Rangers fan. I’m an Islanders fan.
He’s a Giants fan. I’m a Jets fan.
We both played sandlot baseball.
He likes the Mets. I’m a Yankee fan.
I think we can both agree on the Knicks.
At the moment we’re both stuck at feed me Seymour.
I think his wife’s after his pension and keeps giving him food.
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Where did it go?
What happened to it?

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