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Banks, Jetties, Bridges and Piers Oh My!

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Snow shoe flounder. Preferably black back over yellow tail.
Then there’s the summer doormat or even a barn door halibut.
As for my liking the sole is the top prize. How about a turbot?
Out of all of the flatties I don’t think I ever had turbot.

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I received your delivery. This is where I’ll be putting it to use.

I also picked up a pair of these. They wear so nice.

Check out my new kicks! 😎👍

His woman looks like Renée Zellweger.
He has some really cool drone fishing footage.

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It was exactly this time of year and the water
temps on the beach were at 70 degrees.
It felt like a bath tub.

Just recently a dolphin (mahi mahi) was caught off the Avon Pier so you never ... is the kind of fishing we're famous for – surf fishing.

This is common for them. It happens more often then you think.
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They just got over a major rainstorm with serious flooding.

An hour before the pier opens. There’s a boat outside the
tip of the pier driving back and forth scattering the bait.
There’s a lot of sailfish there. Once the pier opens the
boat scared the sailfish. There’s big donkeys (Amber Jack).
Big snook, Cudas, Kingfish. There are many other piers
in the area just like this one. They are all major tourist
attracions. With restaurants on the water or beach.
Very good night life. Fishing is sketchy. You can be
on the pier with someone who just got out of the can
after five or ten years. He’s there with a couple of his friends.

“kingfish off the pier”

Can I have some key lime pie? Is it Kosher?

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You have to understand. I’m not those guys from
the tip of the pier. You trip over my rods and fall
down. Forget about helping you up. I’m taking
your wallet.

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Oh no! Here comes the know it all.

The heat is on the business end. The fish was screaming line off your reel.
You were holding on to the rod with two hands for dear life. You started
tightening down your drag. The obvious happened. Bye bye Charlie.
Give the fish a minute or two and it will slow. From there it’s give and take.
Eventually you’ll need to walk back ten yards and quickly forward
while cranking the reel. You don’t want a hot fish near the pier. He’ll wrap
you around the pier and break you off. It’s a long grueling battle with
the fish kicking on it’s side. Now it’s over.

I cracked up.
It’s only a matter of time before
I take the fun out of fishing.


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I broke the handle.

Somebody gave me that squid.
Somebody gave me that rod.
I caught that fish.

You can see Charlie next to the sand spike.
He got himself wrapped in the three hook pomp rig.
No worries when I left I made sure he was out of harms way.
I put him in the trash can wrapped in the rag.
Before hand was the pork fish and a runner.
All were released as were the Jacks.
I get to the condo and step out the car.
Parrots are flying over my head,
I walk to the front door and there’s a mango tree there.
A over ripe mango fell to the ground.
The baby ducklings are all gathered around eating the mango.
I walk in the condo look out the back window.
There’s a beautiful lake with a owl perched up.
I’m EFFEN crazy!!

I never had that problem with this reel.

Now go hug a tree. 😁
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I couldn’t make bait.
I couldn’t ask for better conditions.
The other day I caught bait two at a time.
Today I couldn’t make bait. 😞

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Where were you at 9 AM? I pulled my deek out and took a pizz.

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You see the ring? There’s an inner ring and an outer ring.
The cosmic sun cloud. 😊

I swam that bait like it was nobody’s business. 💪😁👍

Between the bait and that reel. Foughetaboutut!!

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I threw that whole ch!t in the water.
I’ve been trying to get a hold of one.
I have the fusion.
The guy stopped making rods years ago.

It was to much of a rod for the kid.
He didn’t benefit anything from it.

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For future references.

When it comes to outdoor apparel products.
You need to start doing business with these fashion designers.
They are highly experienced in sun, heat, sand, wind and the
evening differences of cold temperature.

What I can tell you from my experience.
Hemp dries faster than any fabric I ever wore.
It’s paper thin, paper light and extremely RUGGED!!

How was the pier?

Just like all the other piers.

The b!tch with the big tittees was there.

The parking lot from hell.
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One at a time ladies. There’s plenty of me to go around.

You girls play your cards right. This can all be yours.

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I know it well. I bumped my tip top on the jetty.
Got a hairline chip in the alconite ring. Then I
broke off a lure. Ruined my outing. 😡
My titanium low rider guide accidentally hit the ground.
Thats when my silicon carbide ring popped out. 😡

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This is effen weird.

its kids

That’s his ex-wife.

An add in the paper. The Ridgewood Times.
Hello Knit Works.
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