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Banks, Jetties, Bridges and Piers Oh My!

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Snow shoe flounder. Preferably black back over yellow tail.
Then there’s the summer doormat or even a barn door halibut.
As for my liking the sole is the top prize. How about a turbot?
Out of all of the flatties I don’t think I ever had turbot.

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Dont talk to strangers.
You‘re telling me what to do.

I don’t know what to do.

How much does that cost?

Yeah but its so much easier.

Yeah we know. Im watching the same movie
over and over again. Look it’s Ron Arra.
Look it’s Tommy Farmer.

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Wantagh, Jones, Green Island, Coast Guard Station, West End

It doesn’t matter for me.

What‘s the difference?

The only thing left is the long wand, fly fishing.

Spider! 😉😉
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This rod for my liking throws 4 and bait really well.
It’s a 11 foot moderate rod.
If you look at my left hand on the but section of the rod.
It’s nice and high. At eye level. When I’m noticing this
that means I can comfortably back off on the adjustments.
This is NOT a ground casting rod. 😊

This rod is 11 1/2 feet and moderate heavy.
The extension isn’t quite where it should be.

For that reason the right hand on the fore grip
is loosing power.
It throws 5 and bait. It ground casts.
Both rods are important stepping stones.

This is the 13 foot zoned action rod. True 8 and bait heaver!
I didnt cast the rod in a while and the technique is lame.
I have the proper schooling but at the moment not the
physical ability. This is proof that I’m dogging it.
I need to work out. Either way I still got good distance. 😉

The same 8 rod. When I’m seeing this now is the time to
modify the drop and start ground casting. Zing Fluff POW!! 😁

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The water at Cape Hatteras in May was 70 degrees. It felt like a bath tub.

I highly recommend it. It’s a very simple dainty town.
As a tourist. The more amenities you’re looking. I can promise you. You will be paying for it.
The local was coming back to dock late one evening and accidentally hit a deer crossing the basin.

We left the confines and started to venture elsewhere. We evicted him.
They were picked up for shop lifting. The beaches are open to the general public.
Hes digging clams with a rake. Last month he was released from prison.

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I got my breezy permit.

I didn’t give him the money.

I’m answering to him

I’m checking out the other fishing holes.
Whats open and what’s not. He swurvs
his bike at me. The off the boat zip is
questioning me. Now I have a dash-cam.
How did the guy 20 years older than him
end up in an Ambulace?

What is a Romeo and Juliet Law? -
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For a shock leader you need a minimum of 5 wraps
on the spool.

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Look at his rod.

I’m barely able to tell I caught something.

I sent it flying off the jetty.

The honey Lami fits in the tube but now the tube doesn’t
fit in the car. I can put it all on the roof with no issues.
Being that I’m by myself. I’d rather not. I can fit like 10
rods in the tube. Some but first and others tip top first.
The honey Lami fits perfect. Up to the last notch.

I married the Albanian.

GreekOhh what happened? Naks coming for a haircut.
I’m buying a house. I walked in with a bottle of champagne

$30 dollars a bucket. 2 buckets, 15 porgies in a bucket.
The regs allowed 45 at the time. More than I need.
What‘s the fair on the boat? Montauk to Block
on the Starship. I’m standing there with my hand out.
We don’t hire your kind.

Let’s ask . . . .

What did you do? What happened George? I’m a cenior siticen.

I bought her a $20,000 dollar watch and ended up in the can.
That‘s her brother.

Your gay lover is the off the boat zip.
The bearded woman at the circus is coming,
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With out getting into it.

This work’s excellent. 😊

Being eccentric has nothing to do with fishing.

You never lose a sea-robin.

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I’m experiencing better results anywhere in
between 3 to 5 days after this synodic month.

I’m trying! Fishing it hard since high noon.

I’m getting ready to jump. 😁

Thule Rail mount, Thule load bar, Thule ski rack.
Thats how I transport my rods.
I have it over ten years.
Its still like new. I drive it threw the car wash. 😊

The Wrangler is a Thule gutter mount.

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Now I have two. With an added vault feature.

What does “In the eye of beholder mean?”
It’s used to say that different people have different
ideas about what is beautiful.

This guy does excellent work. You can see his eye for detail.
I’m also not sure if this is what the predators are looking for.

Check this thing out! 😮
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