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What the heck. Is this server acting up again. Your post predated min and appeared afterwards

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When growing up as a child I was surrounded with the world of falconry. My father was a accomplished falconer and I would spend countless times studying and caring for the birds. I always dreamed I would take over the tradition and never did due to the cost, dedication and the intense responsibility it takes to indulge in this ancient sport. With that said I would like to share with you two of my favorite raptors of all time.

Behold the Philippine Eagle or Monkey eating eagle. The "largest eagle in the world"

Yeah....I'm listening

And the Harpy Eagle. Which is the heaviest of all eagles and holds the record for the largest talons of any bird of prey

Take a look at the length and size of this birds talons. I Would hate to be the monkey or sloth on the receiving end of those daggers.

Just thought I would share
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