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REAL Time Moon Phase
Noaa Northern Hemisphere
US. Naval observatory
Doug Hannons Moon chart
Astronomical applications department
The Phases of the Moon

[]When the sun and moon and Earth are in a straight line, during the times of a full moon and new moon, the gravitational pull on the Earth is the greatest. It creates high tides that are very high and low tides that are very low. These are called spring tides.
When the sun and moon are at right angles to each other they pull in opposition to one another, and the difference between high and low tides is not very great. These tides are called neap tides.
The moon takes 24 hours and 52 minutes to travel around the Earth. For most of Atlantic Canada this produces two high and two low tides each day. These are called semi-diurnal tides. Each tide is six hours and 13 minutes apart. The tides change by about an hour each day, due to the extra 13 minutes in each one.
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