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Accurate Valiant BV-600-Sized Lever Drag Reels

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by Chris Grech

Accurate Fishing has built its reputation on making saltwater reels that are smaller and lighter than others in their class, yet capable of taking on surprisingly large, hard-fighting game fish. The latest additions to the company's popular Valiant series, the new BV-600-sized lever drag reels, are no exception. Designed to accommodate 60 to 80-pound braided line, these compact powerhouses have what it takes to land some of the toughest pelagic predators off the East, West and Gulf Coasts.

Like all Accurate Valiant lever drag reels, the new BV-600-sized models incorporate design innovations that maximize strength, rigidity and durability, while minimizing reel size and weight. The latest additions include BV-600 (standard) and BV-600N (narrow) single-speed reels, as well as BV2-600 (standard) and BV2-600N (narrow) two-speeds – all combining superior strength, rigidity and durability with unsurpassed smoothness and fish-fighting power.

Each BV-600-sized model boasts a compact yet incredibly rugged 6061 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum frame, uniquely curved to deliver the structural integrity of a reel twice its size. The non-flexing frame and side plates, while thinner than those of ordinary lever drag reels, allow Accurate's Valiant models to withstand higher levels of stress and torque. Protected by this high-strength, corrosion-resistant exterior is Accurate's patented TwinDrag® system – engineered to deliver up to 32 pounds of pressure for putting the brakes on big, determined adversaries. Precision-cut stainless steel gears mesh perfectly together so you can turn and gain on the most stubborn game fish, while seven shielded/sealed Class 5 ABEX bearings and one ARB bearing ensure smooth, reliable operation.

Anglers can choose from a variety of Accurate Valiant BV-600-sized models to suit their individual requirements and preferences. Those in the market for a single-speed lever drag reel can opt for a BV-600 or BV-600N. Accurate's BV-600 holds 425 yards of 80-pound braided line, while the BV-600N holds 500 yards of 65-pound-test braid. Both models are offered with either a 4:1 gear ratio for greater cranking power, or a 6:1 retrieve that rips in an impressive 53 inches of line with each complete turn of the handle.

If you prefer a two-speed, you can choose either the BV2-600 or BV2-600N. Both models allow you to switch back and forth easily between a high-speed 5:1 retrieve and a winch-like 2.2:1 gear ratio with the simple touch of a button.

Additional Valiant reel features include Accurate's "power handle," for comfortable, effective cranking even under wet and slimy conditions, plus a new easy-find "Cam Stop" with a secure indent in the drag cam that prevents the angler from going too far into full drag during the heat of battle.

The new Accurate Valiant BV-600-sized single-speed and two-speed reels are available now through authorized tackle retailers nationwide. Prices and specifications for the various models are listed below:

All Valiant 600-Sized Single Speed and Two-Speed Models Feature:
• Patented TwinDrag® for optimum smoothness, consistency (Max.
drag: 30 lbs.)
• 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum Construction
• Anodized for increased corrosion resistance
• Seven ABEC Class-5 bearings and one ARB bearing, shielded/sealed
for corrosion resistance
• Precision-cut Stainless Steel Gears
• Smooth, Easy-Find Cam Stop Strike
• Sleeved spool for better castability
• Lever-Drag Recessed Ergonomic Thumb Plate

Additional BV-600 (and BV-600N) Single-Speed Features:
• BV-600/BV-600N: Super lightweight at 19 ounces
• BV-600/BV-600N Gear Ratio: Offered with either 6:1 or 4:1 retrieve
• BV-600/BV-600N Line Retrieval: 53" per crank with 6:1 gear ratio
(35" with 4:1 gear ratio)
• BV-600 Line Capacity: 425 yards/ 80 lb. braid
• BV-600N Line Capacity: 500 yards/ 65 lb. braid

Additional BV2-600 (and BV2-600N) Two-Speed Features:
• BV2-600/BV2-600N: Super lightweight at 21 ounces
• BV2-600/BV2-600N Gear Ratios: 5:1 high gear, 2.2:1 low gear
• BV2-600/BV2-600N Line Retrieval: 44" per crank (high gear), 19"
per crank (low gear)
• BV2-600 Line Capacity: 425 yards/ 80 lb. braid
• BV2-600N Line Capacity: 500 yards/ 65 lb. braid

BV-600 Single Speed: $499.95
BV-600N Single Speed: $499.95
BV2-600 Two-Speed: $599.95
BV2-600N Two-Speed: $599.95
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