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Started out the day on the aluminum boat (3.5hp), launched at Chapmans Landing and went the Squamscott. The tide was almost all the way in. Stopped at the old RR trestle and did some fishin'. As soon as my brother and I pulled up, a guy was pulling in a nice size Striper. Tied it up to the old pilons, and threw out some herring. Every cast was bites. Got almost a dozen schoolies in about 30 minutes. Had trouble hooking up with most fish though, they were robbing the bait off the hook :) Lots of action though, everytime I threw out a chunk, the rod tip was bouncing. Pretty good afternoon. The tide turned to go out, so we left and headed back so we could eat.

For night fishing I then met a friend and headed over to Newmerket. AS soon as we got there, a fellow was fighting a fish, and it turned out to be a nice 32". ABout 10 minutes later, he had another fat keeper on. Both fish went back in the drink :) Both fish were caught using Calcuttas. I threw out Storms and a few other things, right into the same spot, and couldnt hook up. Not my night I guess. My friend hooked up with a nice one, about 18", but it threw the hook as soon as he tried to land it. Oh well.

The fish were definitely there, and waiting for herring to come back down the fishladder. This was at the end of out outgoing and dead low tide. Lotso fish.

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