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Headed out with BB at 6am, he was able to scap us some bait. We drifted for an hr or two...couple light hits drops...thinking whats going here...marking fish everywhere...then all hell broke loose. I started it with a 36" slob with a pink tag. my first pinky.

Then Brian showed me how its done...40 1/8" COW.

Then the 34-38" pigs feasted, we ran out of bait....made a run, loaded up. and started over.

Finally doubled up at once with 36" twins after missing a couple double hits, hitting live and dead whole. We were swearing, laughing, sweating, and $h!t was hectic. Cracked a miller late and took a breath.....pigs continued to feed...

...then Brian showed me how its done again.....40 1/4" MOOOOOOOOO

Total was 13 boated with double digit runs, kills and drops. Bite died as tide went slack. Debris in river up the A$$ out! no white eels spotted today.

Best day I've ever had on the water and a BIG CONGRATS to BB for breaking the 40"....not just once...but twice today!!!!



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