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Sorry for the delayed post

Fished 5/5 in the Albany area and I have it say it sucked! We fished from 5am till 8pm and only had one solid run. We fished deep, shallow, flats, structure and not a sniff. We soaked live and chunk with absolutely nothing to show for it. It was honestly one of my worst days ever on the river.

Hit the water again early on 5/6 and finally had a better day. I spent the morning focusing on the deeper channel drop offs and it payed off big time! I came off the water at 10am and went 8-11 with the biggest going 37inches. 7 out of the 8 fish were caught on live bait. I'm a huge fan of fishing the chunk but they wanted nothing to do with it. It was great finally having a good morning for a change. I will be back at it in a couple of hours at first light, Good luck!

Hopefully we get some cooler weather and cool the water down some or its going to be a quick year!
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