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5/21 report. Ended with a BANG.

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Fished 515-3. Landed 4 on the drift right off the bat. Wind picked up and anchored. Went 10-18 anchored. 41.5”. 40”. Bunch of 37 and 38”. It was hot for about 3 hrs. Landed 14 today.
Total for the year 126. 12 at and over 40”. PBs all around for me and my mates. 22 days on the river since April. Hundreds of hours. My best year all around. Size and numbers. Couldn’t be happier. Brought friends out who never experienced the battles of a tough as nails fish. Who then said holy shit this is insane. Lost some tanks. Awesome season. Saw some awesome sights of birds of prey scooping fish and some sick ass sunrises. Netted a catfish just swimming on the surface. Caught some absolute slammers. Fished the rain, wind, blue bird skies. Fished from 31 degrees to 87 degrees air temps. And managed to remain married and employed. I love this season!!!! Pulling boat tomorrow and heading north. Bite is still hot. Get em!!!


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Sounds like a great day, what area were u fishing? hopefully up north lol give me some time to land another tank lol im fishing Marlboro to highland this week
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