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2022 Striper Reports

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They are coming up the your catches, reports, pics here.......
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I landed two schoolies last Saturday in about 2hrs and my 4yr old ("mostly" herself) caught a nice 5lber close to her height in length. I lost a good half dozen bites likely due to missing (maybe stolen?) rod holder outriggers. My back two rods are completely vertical BWB Ugly Stik's with braid 😕. I'm thinking about tomorrow with new outriggers on the boat but with the wind I'm having second thoughts. A little rain I could handle and might even improve the bite with some cloud cover. Anyone else have thoughts on tomorrows weather?
@mjd034 Seems like great weather there?! Down south NY it has been raining all day and getting cold.
I decided to brave the wind this afternoon and ended up with a crew member getting seasick and turning the boat around after 2hrs of 3 footers. Sitting on loads of good marks that whole time with just one short run. I went out solo and found another school further north and landed one schoolie right as I was reeling in the last rod. Temp in Newburgh was 53⁰F. Need some warm weather to get them active...
16 more hit the deck over the past two days. 3 of which were over 40".
My buddy got one a hair under 41 yesterday and I beat my PB landing a 42.75" 37lb this morning.
All the action was in the am. Couldn't get any solid hookups the rest of the day despite marking tons of schools and throwing every variation I had at them.

That may end up being it for my season. I'm going to head out after work for a few days hoping to get a few more though. We'll see.

Season total thus far: 139
Wow, amazing season BUB! Glad to hear I wasn't the only one having trouble in the afternoon. I took 5 other colleagues out hoping to put them on some schoolies in Newburgh bay but it was deserted! By 7:30am there were only two other trailers. Went to same spots from last year and the fish were very thin. It took until 10am before we found the fish and armada north of the bridge (maybe they all listened to DocZ!) We had one strong 30ft run on an eel w/o hookup and then my colleague hooked up his first ever catch, a powerful 10lb male that gave quite a fight. After that we had trouble staying on any schools for long and we were searching the rest of the afternoon without a bite.

Fun but a little dissapointed for the other 4. Where are all the schoolies? Still far north?? That might be my last go for the season. Could only make it 3 trips this year.
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