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  1. Hudson River
  2. Maine
    Heading to York tomorrow on vacation and would like to get my son into some stripers. Thinking about Nbble Light but not sure. Any suggestions? We will be surf casting plugs and soft baits. Thanks in advance, Mike
  3. Maine
    Caught this 35"er on the last day of June while up on vacation.
  4. Maine
    I'll be back up in a couple weeks on vacation. How's the fishing?
  5. The Striper Forum
    When do you Islanders start seeing the Stripers return? What about the other guys? I plan on hitting the island at least 2-3 times. Probably go off the Lemon creek pier. Had amazing success this past summer.
  6. Maine
    I'll be there in a couple weeks for a long weekend. I'll be staying up around the Nubble.
  7. New York
    Can someone explain where the terms South Shore, North Shore are referring to. As being from PA I have always wondered where these areas where located. I'm really not positive if these are LI area's :sign4: I've been to Gilgo Beach, I think that's what it's called but not sure what area that...
  8. Shorebound - Surf Beginners
    Can anyone answer a few questions for me. I see reports and fisherman on the internet talking about the South Shore and North Shore of Long Island, NY. Also places like central South Shore and other places north and south. Are they talking about Long Island, NY or can someone explain where...
  9. Hudson River
  10. Bait & Tackle Shops
    What is the best?
  11. Maine
    I'll be there next weekend. Anything hitting. I'm planning on just bringing small stuff.
  12. Striper Guides & Charters
    I am traveling to New York from Alaska in mid-March and was wondering what fly fishing opportunities might be available in the area during this time frame? I would really love to get hooked up with some stripers or blues, but am open to anything really... trout, steelhead, whatever! I just...
  13. New York
    I went to register for my life time Marine fishing license and was told by several pretty reliable stores/people it was no longer needed,at least for next two years! I am going to look and call State officials to be sure.I do not want the first person to tell me these guys did not know what they...
  14. Connecticut
    So I just moved to New Milford CT. a month ago from Poughkeepsie NY. I lived 10 mins from the river in NY. Now I need to learn all the new shore spots here on the CT river, or Housatonic. Can anyone tell me what the regulations are for using live herring in CT? Herring were plentiful in the...
  15. Stripers on the Fly
    Saltwater fly fishing guide: Northern New Jersey, Staten Island and Lower New York, Coney Island, Breezy Point, Sandy Hook Etc Jones Brothers LT20 with casting platforms Capt.Paul Eidman :flyfish:
  16. Maine
    Heading to York this weekend. Is there anything hitting?
  17. Hudson River
    Clark Holmes, 66, of Piermont, in front of the 48 inch, "hundred pound" fish he says he found early Sunday morning at a boat put in at Piermont Pier on the hudson river. CREDIT: Alex Taylor Whats your guesstimate? 55 to 70 lbs
  18. Maine
    Heading up to York on Saturday. How is the fishing? Suppoesed to be going on Charter Tuesday. They said that we will experience a "dead tide" for the entire week. I guess that is an extreme low tide all week. Any body ever heard of that? Hiow about the Drake??? anybody fishing that wiuth any luck?
  19. New York
    Went out today after work for an hour an i nailed 5! That rite f-i-v-e! Yesterday i caught 6!. The fish are really bitein out here. I caught one on my first cast. An 3 one after the other. Man u should have seen me! I was haveing a blast!. My first 2 days out an am nailing them...
  20. Striper Guides & Charters
    Welcome J and M Charters. Email Capt. Jay or Capt. Mike for available dates. [email protected] 518.222.1658 [email protected] 518.478.0773
1-20 of 67 Results