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  1. The Sports Bar
  2. The Sports Bar
    And the stripers have gone home for the winter. 6 months till we see the schoolies return and a winter long of hearing band wagon yankee turds talk smack.
  3. The Sports Bar
    The best team in the NL comes to Beantown Matchups for the series. Tuesday Soler / Lester Wednesday Pedro / Becket Thursday Glavine / Shilling The Bronx Friday El Duque / Messina Saturday Trachsel / Chacon Sunday TBA Watching Pedro every 5th day has been a pleasure. The guy is one...
  4. The Sports Bar
    (in my best John Sterling - voice of the Yankees impression) AL East Champs again. Another down to the wire choke by the Sox - the universe is once again in alignment.
  5. The Sports Bar
    since this be the New England forum just let me say THE YANKEES SUCK
1-5 of 5 Results